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tmx 155 w/sidecar in pampanga

stainless windshield,flooring,back,pipe...galvanize front and sidings...leather upholstery...


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super set tmx 155 in and out!!!
super set tmx 155 in and out!!!


TMX 155 Honda Pampanga Pride.MPG
Pampanga sidecars pink chassis lowered clean etc......

TMX 155 Honda The Legacy.MPG
Handcrafted sidecars from Pampanga simple, lowered, lightweight design....

honda tmx 155 show trike angeles city
Balong driving mio soul.

The HOY! Pinoy Mini Car Side by Side Size Comparison with Tricycle 1 of 3
This proof of concept prototype vehicle seats 1 driver and 5 passengers in an enclosed cab. Email iching53@yahoo.com for more info

honda tmx pampanga
repsol 21

philippines side car
The drive of a philippino sidecar(TRICYCLE)is very very happy!!

Ural Sidecar Motorcycles
Ural Motorcycles with Sidecars showcase at the CycleWorld Show in Minneapolis in 2007.

Two girls stuck on the beach with Honda TMX
Gina wants to practice riding her big Honda TMX and thinks this is probably easiest on the beach. Her friend Rosalinda is helping her. Helping with what? Getting stuck in the sand, water, and mud, for example! Finally the engine quits from all the abuse and Gina kickstarts for a long time while Rosalinda helps to push the bike out of the sand.

slightly lowered semi stainless...simple lang pero magaan ( gawang lubao )

limay drag race 6 barako vs tmx
tmx 155 vs barako 175 Aug-28-10 stock set up race to 2, barako win the 1st round and also this 2nd round.

Episode #155 - Honda Insight Underbody Spoiler Installation
Just because you have a Hybrid doesn't mean you can't jazz up the exterior. In this episode we show you the installation of the underbody spoiler kit. More at www.collegehillshonda.com and www.diyhonda.com.

Honda TMX modification to CB style
I like the old Hondas from the 70's, so I decided to modify my excellent but a bit too modern style Honda TMX into something more classic. I particularly like the old CB100 bikes, so I fit my TMX with classic spares, basically bought in Thailand.

Cabanatuan Road Race - wave 100 vs tmx 155.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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