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After Remote starter installation

after spending soo much time, when it works its the best feeling.


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How to install a car remote start (roughly) PART 1
This Video and the following 2 parts are just a rough overview about how to install a remote starter kit in your car. The car I am installing this in is my 3.8L fully loaded Dodge Grand Caravan. YES I DRIVE A MINIVAN and I dont have kids, so what? xD Anyway I want to show how complex this job is and that it sure aint easy. If you have knowledge as technician or electrician you will be fine, if you are COMPLETLY new to this kinda stuff, I recommend to see a dealership or a outfitter to get your remote start installed. Installing these kind of systems wrong into your car, could cause the electronics to fail. I have never done this before and received no help, so understand this is not to show you how YOU HAVE TO do it, I simply want to show you what needs doing, if you decide to install a cheapy kit. Messing with the security controller (transponder module) could prevent you from driving back home, if damaged during install. As an advice, when you program the transponder module to override the factory anti theft and you fail, DO NOT REPROGRAM right away or try to start the car by remote. Instead, insert the key and start the car until the Anti theft module is reset (let it run for 20 seconds). It WILL lock you out, if you attempt to start the car more than 4 times without having the right "disarm chip". Once the original key is inserted and the car ran, the module will be set to zero counts of fail starts and you will be fine. As for the complainers and haters. Sure there are pro installers that do a MUCH MUCH better job than I am doing here, but I bet you a million dollars, you had to learn your way also, so keep your criticism on a low and understand this was MY FIRST TIME! A so called, remote start kit virgin. Thanks :)

How the remote start works on a 2010 Camaro
It is pretty simple, and there is a funny goof at the end that I left in for laughs. Brought to you by CamaroZ28.Com.

car alarm remote starter with paging system
new car alarm remote starter with paging system including LCD pager with backlight

Remote Car Starter Installation Done Right
The experts at Mobile Edge in Lehighton, PA take you through the proper installation of a remote car starter. This is not a "how-to" video. Instead it shows how a quality shop installs a remote starter. To learn more about remote car starters visit our website at www.CarStarterPros.com

Install Remote Starter
To help you find ignition hot wires with a multimeters.

Remote car starter edmonton #2 / installed on 2010 bmw x5
Refine Division Edmonton's Remote Car Starter Specialist 9909 - 72 ave / Tel:780 989 4898 / www.Refinedivision.com / refine@telus.net Gift Certificates Available With over 15 years of Certified Electronics experience We back up our installs with a Lifetime Installation Warranty For The cold climates here in Edmonton, Alberta Remote car starter is an essential tool. Specializing in all car makes like Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Hyundai, GMC, Kia, Infiniti, Acura, Lincoln, and many more. We also Specialize in German Vehicles such as Volkswagons, AUDI, and BMW. We are also a proud member of the better business bureau Please come check out our current specials on a wide variety of remote car starters and security to protect your hard earned investment. Starting at $249 for a 1 way remote starter. Rust Protection Starting At $149. We carry only the best products in the industry made for our climates. We offer a wide range of services including: Remote car starters, Alarms, Undercoating, Rust protection, Scratch Removal, Car Detailing, Carpet shampoo/ Steam Clean Disinfectant.

Asianwolf FM 2-way LCD Pager Remote Start Car Alarm MX-9000 from asianwolf.com
http://www.asianwolf.com This is Asianwolf's newest FM 2-way LCD pager remote start car alarm, the MX-9000. http://www.asianwolf.com/alarm-remotes-mx2way.html This car alarm has many features that put it above all of the rest. The MX-9000 comes complete with a 2-way LCD FM pager that lets you know when your car is being tampered with by paging or vibrating as well as working as a normal remote. This car alarm comes with everything you need for basic installation. Unlike other car alarm systems in the market today that work on an am frequency, the MX-9000 works on an fm frequency. This means that there is a far greater range and far deeper penetration through walls between the car and the remote. The range of the receiver is 1600 meters or 5300 ft while the range of the remote is 700 meters or 2300 ft. This car alarm has several different features that give your car the ultimate protection. Some of the different features that come with the MX-9000 are a car finder so that you can find your car in a large parking lot or garage, a panic button, a driver call sensor so that if you are sitting in a car you can trigger the driver if you need them, valet mode, trunk release, remote start, and much more. The MX-9000 has a clock on the 2-way LCD remote that can be programmed to start your car at anytime. If you need to leave for work at 8:30 am then set your car to start at 8:20 am so it will be warmed up and ready to go when you are. Also, if your car is ever started and you end up not going in to it, the car will shut off automatically after a set amount of time. This way you don't have to worry about turning off your car when your clock timer goes off. Don't you hate it when you go shopping and you have to keep an eye on the clock to see when you have to get back to your car and put more money in the meter? Well, now you won't have to. The MX-9000 2-way remote comes complete with a parking count down timer that will inform you when your parking meter has run out. This way you can make sure to get back to your car before you get a ticket. This car alarm also has the two stage unlock function. If you press the button on your remote once then the driver's door will unlock but if you press it twice then all doors will unlock. With the two-way LCD pager remote you can not only know when someone is violating your car, but also what part of you car is being violated. This remote takes one AAA battery to run. The MX-9000 comes complete with wiring diagrams, manuals, a siren, one two-way LCD remote, one one-way remote, a shock sensor and all wiring harnesses. For more information please contact 1-800-282-1351.

Zenesis Car Alarm - remote starter demo
Remote start / stop and Status Check demo

W212 E550 Sedan Remote Start with DEI Responder Interface
Demo of out Smartkey Starter remote start installed on a 2010 E550 Sedan. The starter has been programmed to use the DEI XL202 Interface and Responder series remotes to activate lock, unlock, trunk, and start. For more information go to www.smartkeystarter.com or call us at 312.421.1114

Self Install Car Alarm Remote Start System & Proximity Motion Sensor in my Toyota Avalon
I refused to pay the $400 for an install of this car alarm & remote start system without first trying to do it myself. Watch as I show you that I was SUCCESSFUL at installing this Avital 5303 Avistart system by DEI. I also installed an optional proximity motion sensor.

95 300zx twin turbo
This is my friend Dj Khalid's 300X

What is a Bypass Module?
A brief overview of what a bypass module is and if you will need one when you try to install your remote car starter.

300M with Remote Starter
Remote Starter and new RAZO Shift Knobe, more modifications soon

Mercedes SmartKey Starter (TM) Remote Start
A short video detailing the features of our Remote Starter for SmartKey based Mercedes Benz vehicles. The Smartkey Starter (TM) is the first in the world and *only* available from Midcity Engineering. For more information visit www.midcityengineering.com or contact us at 312-421-1114 or sales@midcityengineering.com www.smartkeystarter.com

Testing Viper 5900 remote start on my charger sxt
testing the remote start. I will put a sound system in this winter, black 22's after the winter salt is over with, and get dual flowmasters put on. after that.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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