Subaru Impreza with blown struts... I mean... wicked custom suspension.

Brianne Corn's new car is... a bit broken. Check us out! [Brianne Corn Racing] [Texas Rally Sport] [Rally Ready]

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SIMBAD - No Shocks, No Worries!

Blown Front Struts=Wheelie?!- E36 BMW Beater Fun!
For this little bonus video, my friend Alex has sold his Subaru and bought himself a beater to get himself around- only problem? Broken front struts. Don't do this at home kids! Thanks for watching and stay awesome! Get some delicious JerkyXP powers here! COUPON CODE- Thatdudeinblue My Social Stuff! Instagram/Twitter-Thatdudeinblue Like the Facebook!- T-Shirts!- Twitch!-

WRX STI vs BMW M4 snow tow (summer tires AWD vs winter tires RWD)
Lets be clear here, this is a pointless video, we are just messing around showing how 2WD with winter tires are almost as good as 4WD with summer tires in the snow. The reason why it is front to front is because the BMW tow hock is stronger on the front. Don't take this too seriously of course. Find me on Facebook here Find me on Twitter here Find me on Instagram here

This weekend was one of the most amazing weekends of all time. First I had the privilege to present HSVE IV Alliance a car cruise to raise funds for Cancer Research. Then had this amazing opportunity to ride next to the one and only TITO RSTI. Unfortunately his shifter bushing gave up and caused him to miss 3rd which lead to over revving the engine beyond its limits. Hopefully the damage was just to the injectors and nothing else internally. I want to specially thank TITO RSTI for taking the time to record with me and spend all this time even after having his car give up on him. His amazing personality and his enthusiasm has truly helped all of us. Thank you TITO!! TITO RSTI IG: My PAGES: Thank you so much for your support!! For sure the RSTI is coming back before TX2K17!!! This is LP-RIPPER24 and I'm out. MUSIC: AERO CHORD - BLVDE ALL RIGHTS RESERVED NON COPYRIGHTED MUSIC FOLLOW AERO CHORD HERE: