Some GATEBIL Extrem Cars (gatebil extreme time attack)

Some GATEBIL Extrem Cars (gatebil extreme time attack) from Serious Performance Gatebil movie

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Gatebil Dokka 2015 -
The 10th anniversary of Dokka Gatebil Club brought out lots of cool cars especially fun to watch the Alm brothers with Flemming Alm in an Audi S2 and Kenneth in an VW Scirocco both with around 800HP! The inboard is from Flemming's car, enjoy!

Gatebil 2014 Mantorp - Extreme frikjøring
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Gatebil Rudskogen 2014
Check out the sickest event of the year! Gatebil Rudskogen is insane. Drifting, Dancing and a huge crowd!

Deltävling 1 i Svenska Timeattack-serien.