Some GATEBIL Extrem Cars (gatebil extreme time attack)

Some GATEBIL Extrem Cars (gatebil extreme time attack) from Serious Performance Gatebil movie

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Deltävling 1 i Svenska Timeattack-serien.

Gatebil Race September 2011 HD
Intro by Porsche 993 GT2 filmed from a 996 GT2. Race filmed front and rear.

World Time Attack Challenge 2011 by TithBrothers
Music: Pendulum-The Island

Superior Media - Gatebil All In @ Mantorp Park 2011
This is the result of Superior Media ( getting an impromptu 20min of track time alone at least seasons Swedish Gatebil event @ Mantorp Park circuit. We asked some Gatebil heroes if they had balls to do a gauntlet run together, and then threw every GoPro-camera we could find at the moment on them. This is the result. If you dislike tire smoke, reckless power drifting and rev-limit slamming engine sounds = this movie is NOT for you! We encourage you to support us by stopping by our Facebook and have a look at the type of automotive car culture we represent at our Facebook-group: Enjoy our upcoming releases and dozens of high quality photo galleries. Don't miss any of our upcoming releases, our schedule for the 2012 season is: 6 - 10 April: Elmia Custom & Motorshow 15 - 17 June: Gatebil Mantorp 13 - 15 July: Gatebil Rudskogen 21 July: Speedfestival Mantorp Park ...and a whole lot of Drift & Time Attack events throughout the season! Thanks for your support, SHARE and post it anywhere if you enjoyed it- we really appreciate it and hope to make releases like this more frequent with your encouragement in our backs! STARRING: Tor-Andre Ringnes - Team Driftmonkey (NOR) Øivind Øversveen - Team Øversveen drifting (NOR) Erik Eriksson - (SWE) Olle Hällström - Team Raidopower Motorsport (SWE) Flemming & Kenneth Alm - Alm Racing Team (NOR) Daniel Liimatainen - Limmet Drifteam (SWE) SPECIAL THANKS: Mantorp Park - Gatebil Events crew - Scandinavian Photo -