Honest Harley Davidson Commercial

http://bit.ly/axwMYh Join the foundation to make Eric Buell feel just a tiny bit better about getting royally screwed by Harley Davidson. I'm always making jokes about Harley Davidson's. So the other day my buddy said to me, "Ryan for all the shit you talk about Harley's I'm surprised you haven't made a video about them....So here ya go Mitch. The statements made by me in the video are all just for a laugh, and to see how many Harley riders I can piss off. It's all just my opinion, try to stay chill. Recently I made another video with directors commentary about this film. Talking about where the idea came from and how it has ended up with so many views: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=buAaTp9lPM4

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Harley Davidson Computers
HDPC's have been stripped down to reveal the soul of computing, and engineered for the rebel who has a lot of things to count. With the new HDPC's we wanted make a lot of money off of a computer, but not really do any research and development. Everything that we've learned from designing mediocre motorcycles, and everything that we have learned marketing those motorcycles culminates in the new HDPC. Made with parts from China, Mexico, and Japan, then assembled American tough in the U.S. of A. by a union that was threatened into submission by corporate fat cats, then kicked in the nuts 4 days later when the state of Wisconsin rewarded Harley Davidson 25 million dollars in tax credits. As a result of so many union jobs being cut and salaries frozen we are able to ship HDPC's at a competitive price with computers from overseas. We hope you enjoy your new HDPC and remember if you get made fun of for owning one be sure to accuse the offender of being to poor to own one. Order today and get your Harley Davidson Gutenburg printing press at half off regular price. Special thanks to http://www.stockfootageforfree.com/ where I downloaded the great footage at the beginning of the video. And Kevin Macleod for his amazing library of Creative Commons music found at www.incompetech.com. I used his song "Open Those Bright Eyes" for the soundtrack because to me it sounded a bit like something Apple would use in one of its keynote presentations. Thanks to YouTube user nunuk for the great job on the Spanish subtitles. If your into motorcycles built for speed check out some of his laps around the track. http://www.youtube.com/user/nunuk

Harley Davidson Logo - Easy Rider Typography
I've wanted to make a animated typography that had something to do with motorcycles for a while now. This is my first try and I got a wicked case of deep vein thrombosis while working on it so I hope you enjoy it. I have spent a lot of time making fun of Harley Davidson and their riders. But Easy Rider is a very cool movie. From an era when Harley Davidson was at the top of its game in the coolness department. I don't hate Harley Davidson, I make parodies and satires in hopes that this American company will someday return to greatness. They can't do that if the American public continues to buy their motorcycles because of patriotism. The Harley customer needs to demand more. I followed a tutorial from http://www.crookedgremlins.com/09/01/2008/kinetic-typography-tutorial/ and as with anything in After Effects Andrew Kramer's tutorials over at http://www.videocopilot.net/tutorials/ help out a ton.

*Directors Commentary* Honest Harley Davidson Commercial
The Honest Harley Davidson Commercial is my most controversial video. It's received more comments than any of my other videos by a long shot, and the flame wars that have taken place in the comments have become more entertaining to me than the video ever was. The 2 most common comments from Harley riders are variations of, "You only made this video because you're jealous you can't afford a Harley." And, "If you want to ride around looking like a power ranger with your butt up in the air on your rice burner then fine, but leave us alone." Harley riders seem to think that the only people who don't ride Harley's are poor, or ride bullet bikes. When I read the comments I feel many of them honestly believe there are only 2 types of motorcycle on this planet. A Harley, and bullet bikes. What a horrible world that would be, many of them are missing out on all the great bikes out there. I guess that's what happens when your main source of information is the Harley Davidson dealership. During the life of this video I have received threats of physical violence because I don't like a certain brand of motorcycle. Which is really why I made the video in the first place. I wanted to shine a light on people who have been so taken by Harley Davidson's advertising campaigns they have become racists towards all other bikes, and the people who ride them. There are of course many Harley riders with a good sense of humor who got a laugh out of the video. I have ridden Harley's before and have many friends who own them. Some even offered to loan me their bikes when I told them I was filming this video. I tired to make another viral Harley video calle, "Harley Davidson Computers" http://youtu.be/PHpa0kE86MA It's done well but although I rewrote it many times I was never really happy with it. The video came out more mean than funny and that isn't what I was going for. Finally I made a typography video as a peace offering to the Harley crowd: http://youtu.be/owWKLN02qWY I honestly made it to be nice but some people think it's yet another shot at Harley owners as the audio clip I use from "Easy Rider" could be used to describe the elitist status of some Harley riders. Lines like, "It's real hard to be free when you're bought and sold in the marketplace." Could certainly ring true about many of the people who subscribe to Harley Davidson as a religion. Original video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izzlN2zC8PU

What happened to the GS?
Many of you have been asking what the rest of the story was after I was rescued by the PartyLand truck. Well here ya go. Subscribe to this channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/MrDuhfactor Bit of trivia about this video, it's the first time I've used Lightworks to edit a video. A free open source editing program. http://www.lwks.com/