Civic D15B7 with D16Y7 head 0-150

nie wystrojone, na luźnych zaworach, 1,5 SOHC non vtec

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D15b7-z6 Mini-Me running
first start up with the new head, and it sounds quite good

How do You Know If You Have Vtec?
Here I show you how to figure out whether or not you have Vtec in your Honda. Here you can access the same online info that I use to work on my own cars: 0630562&lsrc=17 Here at Northern Tools you can find Milwaukee Tools, and other tools I use in my videos: 0630562&lsrc=17 Click here to show thanks, and help support Fixbook: Fixbook DIY Car Repair

92 civic eg hatch mini me d15b7 with d16y8 head
Finished my mini me this weekend other than VTEC wiring and chipping the ECU to have VTEC. I might do the soldering the chips, I might just pay some guy that lives 40 to 50 miles away. Don't know.

Honda Civic 1.5 d15vtec onboard
Honda Civic 1.5 d15vtec onboard