Mustang GT vs Prelude


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Celica GTS vs. Prelude
Celica GTS and Prelude go at it, they were both basically stock. They just had an intake, the celica has a TRD Exhaust thats aboout it. It was a best out of 3 Celica-1 Prelude-2 Winner= PRELUDE

VTEC Prelude vs Rx8
My buddies going from a 40 roll, first race prelude misses 3rd. Rx8 is bone stock, prelude has lightweight flywheel, RAI, lsd tranny, and 4/2/1 header (which is smashed) will be re-racing soon. Preludes tachometer was also not working and he does not have a rev limiter so he every well may have been short shifting but theres not really a way to know...hopefully fixed for race 2.

Honda Prelude Turbo vs Dogde Demon

Supercharged Honda Prelude Vs. 2016 BMW M235i
This is a couple quick races in a prelude vs a m2 the prelude is supercharged with 244fwhp and the m235i has been tuned to 360awhp. Soon to come with in depth reviews of both cars.