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L.A. Street Racing - 1000hp + Nitrous C10 vs 700hp Mustang
We spent a week in L.A. checking out the street racing scene, here's the craziest, and most unpredictable race that we filmed.... Some serious power in the red pickup! Keep an eye on our channel for more from this trip, L.A. has got some badass cars that play on the street! Thank you to Izzy Performance for hosting us on the trip!

Rare L88 427 Corvette vs Olds 442 W30 - 1/4 Mile Drag Race - Old School - Road Test TV 1/4 mile drag race between an ultra rare 1969 L88 Corvette which powered by a 430 horsepower 427 solid lifter big block and a 1972 Oldsmobile 442 powered by the factory blue-printed W30 455 rated at 300 horsepower in 1972. The L88 Corvette is 1 of only 116 produced in 1969. The 442 W30 is also rare as it is 1 of only 772 built. Road Test TV - We Live Hi Performance! Please SUBSCRIBE

TURBO Chevy C10 - 9 Second Truck!
NON LS Powered!?!? We were shocked to see an old school Carbureted small block under the hood of this QUICK pickup! Pulling off some high 9 second passes at Kearny Raceway Park for the "King of the Corn" race presented by the guys at Street Car Takeover. Sponsored by Ignite Racing Fuels, this event brought out a LOT of competition for the first annual “Ethanol Nationals” which gave most racers a good excuse to tweak the power a bit. Unfortunately tuning isn’t always such a straight forward process and there were some hiccups, which this bad c10 sadly experienced during a few runs. 1320Video provides the BEST street car videos from around the world! Drag Week, Streetcar Takeover, King of the Streets, Texas Invitational, Stockholm Open and a number of No Prep races to name a few! On our channel, you will see anything from a 2000+hp twin turbo Lamborghini Gallardos to 800+hp four cylinder Toyota MR2s! Car racing is a true adrenaline rush, and we’re here to deliver the most INSANE content on the web! Car crashes, turbocharged street cars, illegal street racing, busted by the police, Street Outlaws…you name it, we’ve got it! So sit back, strap in, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest and greatest automotive content on YouTube! —————————————————— Subscribe ► 1320Video Gear ► Facebook ► Instagram ► 1320Video ► Twitter ► Snapchat ► Crew_1320Video

1971 ltd drag
new slicks -- 1.8 60 foot.-- 11;71@119mph edged out the 68 Camaro next to me.He ran a 12.0 .Car ran 11.69 later that night.