Audi 80 - Rally prep - Dash removal

Dash removal of Audi 80 rally car for cage installation

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Evaporator core replacement AUDI 80蒸發器更換
AUDI 80蒸發器(風箱)拆裝更換 AUDI 80 Verdampfer Ersatz AUDI 80 エバポレーター交換 影片來源:雅琥汽車空調

Снятие передней панели и замена печки Ауди 80 б4
Снятие передней панели и замена печки Ауди 80 б4 Для данной работы вам потребуется: Торцовый ключ на 8мм; Пара отвёрток плоская и крестообразная; Головка на 22 с удлинителем и воротком;

Audi 80 board fix
BEST HOME TUTORIAL AUDI 80 Board FIX - Toothed Wheel for odometer AUDI 80 Popravka instrument table - Zupčanik pređene kilometraže

Audi A4 Heater Core Replace
1999 Audi A4 heater core replacement Part 1. Removed entire dash and all components to get the heater core which was damaged and leaking. Symptoms were leaking coolant, white smoke coming thru the vents and misty windows from the anti freeze. Replaced blower motor, heater core, and repaired the LCD display while I was at it. Had to have AC discharged and re-charged, and a coolant flush afterwards. Total cost of job was about $400 and that includes the AC recharge and coolant flush. 3 parts to this repair. Be able to sacrifice the car for a few days or weeks. When you cant figure out something, stop, go in the house, sit down and watch TV, take your mind off of it for a few minutes. Don't pull on anything in dash hard, there's a screw holding it. Some are hidden. Best advice is to not read any other car manual except the car you have. For example dont use a Jetta manual - almost the same, but not. Dont take apart the safety bag container - be careful.