Midwest-Bayless #22 Fiat X1/9 H-Production SCCA Super Tour @ Mid-Ohio 2012

Matt Brannon and the #22 Fiat X1/9 race at Mid Ohio during the SCCA Super Tour event June 2012. This is the first 14 laps of the race, with Matt racing hard with Greg Gauper and Tom Feller, eventually settling for 2nd place.

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#22 Fiat X1/9 H-Production SCCA Race Mid-Ohio June 2013
Matt Brannon and the Midwest-Bayless Italian Auto #22 Fiat X1/9 overcome a spin early in the race and a tight battle ensues. Special thanks to competitor Tim Pitts for a clean race. Video by Race-Keeper.

FIAT X1/9 1500 circuit de la Châtre 23/09/2012
Salut ! Voici quelques tours du circuit de la Châtre, lors de la journée orgnisée par le Castel Racing Team. La X1/9 est équipée de slicks pour ces quelques tours, mécanique d'origine, et le pilote qui découvre le central arrière sur le sec ;)

Ferrari vs Fiat X19 first impressions...
Ferrari vs Fiat X19 first impressions...

Auto -Fiat X19 Engine Swap
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