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BMW M6 Stock vs. BMW M6 Modified

M6 being filmed is completely stock with the carbon air filters removed which adds 7 hp. The video is shot from an upgraded M6 that has the Carbon Air Filters removed as well, but also has K & N Air Filters, Supersprint headers, Supersprint high flow cats, Supersprint Resonated X-Pipe, Supersprint Sport Mufflers, Dinan 3.91 Differential, Active Autowerke ECU, & Kelleners/Schrick Cam Shafts. The difference between the 2 cars in approx. 53 HP 507 HP vs. 560 HP Race is from 2nd gear at from 50 mph - 160 mph. The 507 HP M6 lets off the throttle during the final part of the race due to a car ahead.


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2007 BMW M6 E63 V10 Rev Reving Cat & Resonator Delete (www.88Rotors.com)
My E63 BMW M6 with catalytic converter and resonator delete. Rev'ing from the rear, rev'ing from the front with hood closed and with hood opened to hear engine sound as well.

BMW M6 Quarter 1/4 Mile Run Video at Moroso Motorsports Park
I was spinning so bad in 1st & 2nd, the only way to get a semi-decent 60 ft time was to to press the gas half way and short shift at 5K rpm into 2nd - then floor it. My best 60 ft was a horrible 2.105 seconds. The ET for that run was 12.2 @ 120.83 (almost 121). I was lined up with 14 sec cars that were pulling the same 2.1 short times. If I was able to pull a 1.9 like most of the others on the M5 and M6 boards, I believe I may have turned an 11.7-11.99 or VERY close to it. Also, since I couldnt floor the car early enough in the game and bring the RPMs higher than 5K, I believe my trap speed suffered as well. Since I pulled consistant 120s spinning and being that I was half way on the throttle at the start, I feel I have a 121 car. Car has full Supersprint Exhaust including the headers with their cats and resonator. Also has an ECU upgrade, and filters. Cams were put in the car but Dyno showed no change the peak horsepower. The video doesnt focus well on the ET on the board when I crossed so you may have the pause the video to see it.

Street Race Ferrari F430 vs BMW M6 From Turkey
_____Please watch my other videos_____Ferrari f430 have a Kreissieg f1 valvetronic Exhaust and Supersprint headers and chip tuning and scuderia air filter kit.Stock M6

BMW M6 Full Throttle Drive By with Supersprint Exhaust
1st video/sound clip of a 2006 BMW M6 with Supersprint Exhaust. Components consist of Supersprint Headers, Supersprint Cats, Supersprint X-Pipe Resonator, Supersprint Sport Mufflers.

Three M6s Meet on Highway
Two Alpine White BMW M6 & One Indianapolis Red meet up off the Florida Turnpike.

M6 Launch
My friend M6 using the launch control

M6 w/ Supersprint Headers, Cats, Resonator, & Sport Mufflers
BMW M6 sound clip of Supersprint's full Exhaust system (quiter setup). Includes Supersprint Headers, Supersprint High Flow Cats, Supersprint Resonated X-Pipe, & Supersprint Sport Mufflers

BMW M6 Test Drive
M6 is best car for BMW.

2006 BMW M6 Quarter Mile 1/4 Drag - 11 second run MISSED
If there was a run that would have pulled an 11, this would have been it. The 60' short time was a 1.997. Best ever for my car. Unfortunately, I bounced off the rev limiter going into 2nd AND 3rd! Then to boot, I ended up shifting too early into 4th! All and all I lost 2 mph off my trap speed with this run ruining my best shot for an 11 second pass. Temperature was at 77 degrees and humidity wasnt on my side at 70%. In all seriousness, this car would run 2 tenths of a second and 2 mph better if in a better location in the US. Excuses! Excuses! LOL : )

Race 2 - Modded 2006 BMW M6 vs. Stock 2007 Corvette C6 ZO6
Race 2 of 2 2006 BMW M6 Mods are: Carbon air filters removed K & N stock filter replacement Supersprint Headers Supersprint Cats Superprint X-Pipe w/ SS Resonator Supersprint Sport Mufflers AA Cam ECU Tune 3.91 Dinan Differential Schrick Kelleners cams (made no power gain on the Dyno) Evosport Pulley (M6 with mods - 480 whp - about 560-570 hp to the flywheel (M6 Curb Weight - 3,908 lbs.) 7 spd SMG tranmission. 2007 Corvette C6 ZO6 - Completely Stock(published at 505 flywheel hp - but puts down about 440 whp - which is probably around 530ish flywheel hp)(C6 ZO6 Curb Weight 3132 lbs.) 6 spd manual transmission. 1 driver and 1 passenger in each vehicle to keep race fair. 2nd gear roll - Was from 47 mph - 195 mph for this race. The other race video can be found by searching on youtube) This race filmed from ZO6. 1st video filmed from M6 here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOWm0rVVJys Also more details here: http://www.m5board.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=102762

2006 CLS55 AMG VS 2007 BMW M5 Brooklyn
2006 CLS55 AMG VS 2007 BMW M5 - CLS was breaking at the end both cars are dead even

BMW M6 on the road doing a quick acceleration run
Side shot of the BMW M6 taking off from 75mph.

Modified BMW M6 vs Modified Lamborghini Gallardo SE
475rwhp M6 vs 445rwhp Gallardo SE For M5board Fantasy Islanders and Gusfag

E92 335i 6MT (12.4@114.4) vs. E92 M3 DCT (12.6@115.6) @ Atco, Active Autowerke SC E90 M3 DCT
'09 E92 335i 6MT, full bolt ons (FBO)@17.5psi, no meth, 100 octane, 19"s w/ Michelin Pilot Super Sports, pass. seat removal only: 12.461@114.41, 1.964 60' '11 E92 M3 DCT, full bolt ons, OE Tune, 100 octane, 19"s w/PS2s, pass. seat removal only: 12.638@115.61, 2.237 60'. AKH's Supercharged E90 M3 DCT is the car in front

BMW M6 1/4 Mile Drag Strip Race
Not the best launch here (with a 60' short time of 2.035) caused the car to bog in 1st gear a bit. But on this run I hit EVERY SHIFT PERFECTLY. Not the best of conditions. 70% humidity and 77 degrees. S. Florida brings on the worst track conditions. ETs and trap speeds would stronger if done on a drier cooler location. Nevertheless, time was 12.169 @ 120.38

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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