Ford Capri RS Gelleråsen 2012

Ford Capri RS Gelleråsen 2012-08-12 (Ford Club Sweden)

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Ford Capri RS sur le Magny Cours Club avec le SCCT 2011
Sur le magny cours avec le SCCT (seventies classic club trophy) ford capri rs 2.6 L injections kugelfischer

Ford Capri RS 3.2 V6 1st day of testing in Pferdsfeld

GLPpro, ADAC Westfalen Trophy 2012, Ford Capri RS Turbo
GLPpro-Serie im Rahmen der ADAC Westfalen Trophy 2012 auf dem Nürburgring GP-Kurs. Bei den historischen Tourenwagen & GT's mit dabei auf Ford Capri RS 2600 turbo, Bj. 1971. Leider terminaler turboschaden in der ersten Trainingsrunde, verursacht durch ein angesaugtes (hart!)-Gummistück aus dem Luftfilter. Ergebnis: Metallspäne des Kompressorrades im ganzen Motor und das sehr schnelle Ende eines Rennwochenendes ... aber mit etwas Glück 2014 zurück auf der Strecke. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ADAC Westfalen Trophy 2012 at the Nürburgring GP-course, GLPpro-series for historic touring cars & GT's. The footage is from a 1971 Ford Capri RS 2600 turbo race car. Unfortunately, this was a very short race weekend due to capital turbo failure in the first practice lap. The engine is still being rebuilt. Hopefully, the car will be finished soon enough to compete in some events 2014.

The Mysterious Baltic Sea Object - Peter Lindberg
On June 19th the Swedish-based diving company Ocean X Team discovered something unusual on the sonar while they were exploring the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland looking for sunken treasures. They found a 197 feet diameter cylinder shaped object at the depth of approximately 275 feet. Much mystery surrounds the object. Peter Lindberg from the Ocean X Team joins us to discuss the details and anomalies of the object. He'll talk about how the object is giving off electrical interference and disturbing their research gear. Peter provides us with up to date information on their research results and current news. We speculate on what this mysterious object may be. Visit SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE: LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: TAGS: Black Cube of Saturn DNA Fingerprint of God unseen forces science physics mysteries solved anti gravity revealed mind over matter spirit world sound light universe history truth earth mysteries of life mathematics placebo effect healing signs and symbols occult ancient sightings the matrix is real holographic intelligence sacred geometry quantum physics illusion of reality new paradigm 2012 shamanism cleansing mother earth climatic disaster native american change Extreme Weather Patterns Maya change evolution shift fibonacci sequence fingerprint of god golden ratio pi phi in nature sightings nostradamus dimensional omega Mayan Calendar Apocalypse i ching prophecies prophecy alien ufo illuminati pyramids giza peru mexico mystery schools monuments megaliths ley lines earth's energy grid electromagnetic magnetism solar radiation Harmonic great cosmic cycle The Photon belt the wave of love red elk wisdom Galactic Federation solstice quetzalcoatl global warming pleiades orion singularity quantum revelations spirituality code post emergence planetary indigo galactic yoga sacred geometry pineal gland ufo phi om fifth 5th sun global shift Pleiades bloodline David Icke lightworkers seer photons cosmic alignment enlightenment 5th dimenson mass awakening great light cosmic rays sun ascended indigo children milky way astrological cycle Precession of the Equinoxes 26,000 year cycle prophecy Maya, Hopi, Egyptians, Kabbalists, Essenes, Qero elders of Peru, Navajo, Cherokee, Apache, Iroquois Dogon Tribe, Aborigines new cycle new beginning collective consciousness synchronicity 13 Baktun Count Dreamspell maya mayan peace freedom positivity energy energies illuminating enviroment change 5th world emergence climate change magnetic fields fourth dimension fourth world Mindship Earth Planetary awakening Sunspot signs solar time Nibiru Planet Nephlim Mayan Prophecies I-Ching Bible precessional Platonic year end times new Golden age transformation winter solstice Maya Long count ends astronomical cycles kornkreise cycle quantum resonance Bode's harmonization harmonizing purification healing lightworkers abundance mantra Ascended masters Rainbow Warriors Indian Infected Mushroom earthquakes meteors volcanoes wildfires flooding comets, volcano tornado weather climatic solar flares collapse flooding meteor showers meditation philosophy chakra dimension cosmic divine future ascension transcendence mayan calendar change consciousness ascension spirituality Light new old ways living in balance great mass awakening spiritual love and light 5th fifth world sipapu Pleiadian Evolution mother earth sacred planet way of the peaceful warrior solar federation signs of the end New spirituality environment Mother Earth elohi time asteroids Native American Indigenous Hopi Prophecy RedCrow four corners Indian ozone depletion weather climatic collapse meditation philosophy chakra dimension cosmic new world order pleiadians messengers of light cycle of time serpent of light Singularity quantum