How to make your PWC crankshaft last with SBT's own Joe St Louis

SBT talks about the importance of PWC crankshaft maintenance. In this Mr St Louis talks about the importance of maintenance on your ski. Check our channel for newer and better videos!

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XS 650 Yamaha racing crankshaft
XS 650 Yamaha racing crankshaft by Chris Applebee Engineering we specialise in dynamically balancing & OVERHAULING all motor bike crankshafts If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. on 01268 776642 or email Thanks for looking

Engine's Crankshaft CNC machining process

BRC150RR - BRC Engineering 150cc kart engine with balance shaft
This is the first set of runs on the prototype BRC150RR "Road Race" engine with a counter balance shaft. It's smoooooooooth.

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