MB 190e turbo

Fra breisladden på Sommertreff vår 2010

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Merceds Benz 190E 2,3 Turbo Einzelabstimmung von Ivo Fahrzeugtechnik

Sommertreff 2012 - Mercedes 190E Turbo
Sommertreff 2012 Breisladd, Jens Møkleby Mercedes 190 E turbo

Driftloco Mercedes C36 AMG Turbo Driftcar - Green Valley 2013 (First Shakedown)
Ok, I am growing tired of all of you people who can't understand that this was a TESTDRIVE! Testdrive Nr 2: http://youtu.be/-mM-2JDPPh8 Testdrive Nr 3: http://youtu.be/mLonC_5hi9s The car was newly built and did not have a fully tuned ECU! Look at the videos from other days of driving! I wanna see all you haters driving YOUR newly built car that was not setup properly and do a flawless run! god damn... Filmed on location, Green Valley Motorsports Arena during Landracings Track/Drift trainingday.

The best of 190E AMG
Mercedes-Benz 190E,AMG,Cosworth,EVO II, pictures song:Naw Meen - Baby Boy Da Prince