Dragrace Crash at 234 Kmh (onboard video @ American Sunday 2011)

Team Birdy's Wilco Sijm crash @ American Sunday 2011 Zandvoort ( The Netherlands) After 24 hours of observation the driver is released from the hospital and all seems "fine" physically. Miraculously the camera survived without a scratch. The car wasn't that lucky. Unfortunately the Altered Drag Racer is total loss, but the engine can hopefully be saved. Camera work by: http://www.dragracingholland.nl part of http://www.numaga.com

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Drag Racing 2011 - Indian Pete Jet Truck almost disaster - NitrOlympX Hockenheim
The last clip of my coverage this year. After the downpour in Sunday's lunchbreak Indian Pete made another show with his Jet Truck. At the end the 15 ton Peterbilt went out of control on the flooded quartermile went head on into the starting area, miracously hit nothing except a parked quad which was capatulted into the boot of a car parked there. That one was close, real close to a disaster!! 15 minutes later I assumed that the track will not be dry until the strict Hockenheim curfew so I decided to go home. There I saw that one more round of racing was held...shit happens! Hope you enjoyed my stuff this year. Thanks for the clicks!

Slingshot and Jnr Fuel Finals Willowbank Nostalgia's 23/2/08
Slingshot and the Hamsters were put as one class on the weekend

Chris Miineker Dixie Doorslammers Sikeston Dragstrip August 6th 2011

100th video special (big crashes 2000-2011)
100 videos! :D sorry, some clips are repeat, and this isn't all biggest crashes, for example not includes DTM crash last year at Adria or Busch heavy contact with the wall in Pocono.