Granny exhaust

My 1970 Plymouth Sport Satellite 440 "sleeper" sedan. Totally stock smogger 440 (believe it or not).

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Hello, this is a video for a another car brought to you by car of your dreams. This car was featured in the January 1991, which was only the 2nd issue of Mopar Collector Guide magazine, which is a national magazine that is still in publication today. This is a 1970 Plymouth GTX wagon clone, now before anyone says that there was never any GTX's wagon made you are right. This is a cloned wagon into a GTX to bad they didn't make wagons like this back in the day. This car was restored back in 1990. This was always a very solid car and still retains from what I can tell all of it's original sheetmetal. Now first all the markings and emblems that had to do with a wagon taken off. The side decals were added as well as the side scoops, that were welded into the rear doors on each side, as the GTX had them in there rear quaters. Side emblems were added, a power bulge hood was added with the paint treatment, hood pins, GTX grill was added, GTX front bucket seats were added and the back seat got special made upholstry to match, all the 4 door panels got the GTX door panels that matched the seats, GTX dual Exhaust was added. Finally a 1970 440 motor was added as well as a big block auto tranny and a Dana 60 posi 4:11 rear end. It is a shame but after the onwer of this car that restored it sold it, not to long ago, the last owner had removed the 1970 440 motor and te dana 60 posi rear and replased them with another 440 and a 8 3/4 limited slip rear end. This was done I quess because they are worth some good money. The car still retains it's original color of dark burnt orange code FK5 and also still has it's original color black and white color interior. Now to the car today it is in very good condtion, the interior in near perfect all the way around, everything works on the car as it should. The tailgate had 2 panels replaced to make it solid again and some parts were replaced in the interior to make it 100% again. The car starts right up on the first try and the motor sounds great. It has a slight rumble as to say it has a aftermarket cam in it. The trans was rebuilt as well. There are brand new BF goodrich t/A tires, which has the raised white letters turned inside to give it a sleeper look. This car is alot of fun to have and to drive. It always draws a crowd everywhere it goes, because of it's unique look. How many 1970 wagons do you see that look like this and have a big block under the hood. If anyone has any questions about the car please feel free to email or call. Thanks for your interest from

Gregs new 1970 Plymouth Satellite
Here is my brother gregs new 1970 plymouth satellite bought today 5-1-08. This is a solid southern car and was stored for years, The car went to a shop in DePere Wi on Jan 6th 2009 for a complete ground up restoration, after being told it would take 60 days to complete, the car had to be taken away on August 6th 2009 the guys who did the resto wasted 8 months & $1000's of dollars and now the car is once again going to get a complete ground up restoration at a very reputable shop. What a shame, the restoration the guys did could have been done better by a first grade girl... To put the time and money spent on this beautiful car and to have it turn out like a $0.99 cent wal-mart spray bomb job is just sickning, then they admited they never blocked the car out before it was painted,and to look & feel like sand was mixed with the paint, very very disapointing. Don't worry Bro when it comes back this time it will be done rite by a true auto guy that knows what he is doing.

69' Road Runner Warming up exhaust sound
My old 69' Road Runner making some noise on a cold day

1969 1/2 A12 Road Runner 440 Six Barrel car for sale! Jeff Whitaker 301-816-1000 A favorite in Norway, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the U.S.A.