Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course NASA TTA winning lap April 2012 (2011 Mustang GT 5.0)

First weekend of competition with the car in NASA's Time Trial Class A (Best lap time wins but lots of cars on track at once). This is Mid-Ohio's "Club Course" meaning it has the chicane after turn 1. I have lots of room to improve myself (the driver) and take some time out of the lap. This weekend I was competing against a prepared Lotus Exige S240 and a prepared Porsche Cayman S. The car was prepared by Rehagen Racing and I would like to thank my sponsor Ford Motor Company for allowing me the ability to go out and do this. The second lap of this video was shaping up to be better than the first but the corner worker in turn 12 didn't wave the caution flag for the Viper who spun and was in the middle of the racing line. I just wanted to not hit him in the driver door and ended up with an embarrassingly big tank slapper.

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Instructor Laps - Terry Earwood Drives Mid-Ohio
Skip Barber Racing School instructor and career Firstone-Firehawk wins leader Terry Earwood drives some hot laps in a MAZDASPEED MX-5 at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course while providing some expert track insight. Learn more at www.skipbarber.com Like us on Facebook www.facebook.com/SkipBarberRacingSchool Follow us on Twitter @skipbarberrs And Instagram @skipbarberracingschool

Porsche GT3 & Viper GTS at Mid Ohio
Track day enthusiasts live for moments like this...when you come across another car close in performance but more importantly very well driven! This 2015 GT3 was running the new Hoosier R7s and some kind of awesome sounding aftermarket Exhaust. I was running the Pirelli World Challenge slick. The designer side of my brain resisted passing him for a few laps as I was literally enjoying looking at the lines on this latest generation of "911". It was the kind of track session where the two drivers seek each other out in the pits and high fives are exchanged. Was an absolute pleasure running with the Northern Ohio Porsche Club today!

Miata vs Viper at NASA Mid-Ohio Qualifying
Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, NASA Great Lakes Regional event. April 11, 2010 turbo Miata "The Rocket" driven by owner Jeff "Drift" Diffenderfer, chases down a big bad Dodge Viper during qualifying laps on Sunday morning. What a way to start the day! "The Rocket" is a 2004 Mazdaspeed MX-5 and was prepared by Jesse Prather Motorsports of Topeka, KS. We took the NASA National Championship in 2010 at Miller Motorsports Park. Heat management was the biggest challenge we faced in sorting out this car. Making 270 rwhp, and tons of torque..now a wide body kit, and much wider wheels/tires.. 275 R6 Hoosiers. (Video is with stock fenders and R6 225). The turbo is a Garrett 24. Thanks for all the compliments. The Viper driver has improved a lot since this was recorded. Drift

Camaro Mustang Challenge @ Mid Ohio Sports Car Course
Aaron Bambach Driving the Robin Burnett Racing CMC Mustang