Accord V6 09 vs Prelude SH 01

Accord mods: Intake + heavy 19" wheels... Prelude mods: Intake, Headers, Cat delete, Catback dual pipe, ECU tune, Coilovers and more...

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Prelude vs Accord
Prelude H22 vs Accord V6 Vtec

2000 Honda Accord V6 Coupe vs. Honda Prelude H22 Race
Accord - J30A1 3.0L V6 AUTO with CAI, DC Sport headers, no cat, 2.5in Exhaust Prelude - H22 2.2L I4 MANUAL with AEM CAI, no cat, 2.5in Exhaust, Chrome tuned computer, short shifter 1/2 mile drag race

Accord vs Prelude
Sleeper accord vs H22 Prelude SH Good Run

Prelude type sh vs prelude type rice
My white type sh vs my friends riced out base prelude.