Decorating Ideas for Garage, Barn or Workshop

This "Retro Decorating Ideas" video from focuses in on areas that are usually overlooked when decorating. You'll find that it's very easy to spice up your garage, man-cave, or workshop with some Cool Retro Decor. With tin signs, thermometers and other home decor items, you can transform these utility rooms into fun places to show off your own personal style. We give you some helpful design ideas and show off some of our favorite Vintage-Style Signs and Old Fashioned Accessories. We'd love to hear from you, leave comments here and please visit our website and check out all the Retro gear and unique gifts available at (Music Licensed from

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Dream Garage

Jive Hive Jeff's Garage... Almost Done...
Well, here is my garage after a little spring cleaning and freshening up. It is only 24x24 but has 9'9" ceilings. I put up a bunch of classic car movie poster and other automotive stuff. I also but a semi-vintage diner booth and put a 19" Vizio LCD TV on the wall next to it. I also have a great stereo out there with Bose speakers. I still have to epoxy coat the floor, hang the heater, build a tire rack, and get my compact 4 post lift. It is pretty functional and still serves as a spare room for friends and family during parties and such. I love it and so do the kids!!! It will be great in the winter when I want to work on cars and such, ca't wait til it is done!!

ManCave garage makeover by Custom Storage Solutions
This Route 66 Man Cave was designed and installed by Custom Storage Solutions in Holland, Ohio. Almost all of the products in the video have been on the show ManCaves by DIY network. Products used are PVC garage flooring by RaceDeck, Ultimate cabinets and retro signs from The metal wall material is galvinized roofing, some like this better than diamond plate. The brick wall is paneling. We also designed and built the 8 foot speed limit bar and the route 66 sign. Custom used a wall mural, then mounted a neon sign into the picture. Rope lighting was used in the baseboard, and yes, you can park the cars in this garage! Transform the biggest room in the house into your favorite hangout and get creative, have fun. Please rank this video. Thank you.

Cure for a small shop
Space is very valuable when you have a small shop. There are many things you can do to conserve on space that is limited. Here is my solution to the space crunch in my shop. This Video contains My Theme music which I own all rights to. It was written and performed by Warren Hartz. His Youtube Channel is: His web page is: This video May also contain Music from Footage Firm. This music is Royalty Free. This is a link to the PDF file I received with the purchase of the Music. It is the end user agreement.