Old Church Bus found abandoned in woods

We came across this old school bus close to our property, and the land owner said we could have it and the contents.. It turned out to be a bigger job than we thought, as it took us all day to blaze a road and uncover the vines and tree roots that had grown into it.. We'll have to come back later to get it with bigger equipment.

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Abandoned house in the woods with old cars
This house sits on a pretty sweet lot near a small body of water, youll find out that the house is pretty wasted but its actually for sale... starting price is $875,000 little out of my price range but hey maybe this video will help you sell it...

Old Bantam Excavator
First start in 10 years, all it needed was a battery

Old dozer start up
This old dozer hasn't been started for over 20 years (check out the tree growing behind the blade). All we did was hook 24v up to it and sprayed Aeroguard (yes mozzie repllent) into the intake and wound it over. we didnt even put any fuel in it! must of ran on what was just left in the lines!