bmw 318 3a racing muffler exhaust sound

testing my new muffler deep tone Exhaust

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We use our loud exhausts for a purpose
Nissan GTR's revving and popping in Central London.

Install Stainless Steel Chrome Muffler Tip
Ebay item description: Vehicle Stainless Steel Round Rolled Chrome Exhaust Muffler Tip , CALIBER 7.6cm Seller: 11kuangyan

eBay N1 muffler e36 bmw 318i
Installed an ebay n1 muffler on my e36 bmw 318i $50 for the muffler plus $50 for installation at Minute Muffler

92 Civic 3A Racing Exhaust HD
The Exhaust on my Civy, Stock D15b7 with CAI