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Hot Wheels Toy Store Sneak Peek: Super 6-Lane raceway, Criss Cross Crash, Color Shifters, Rev Ups

Here's a sneak peek at some new and old awesome Hot Wheels toy playsets!!! HOT WHEELS CRISS CROSS CRASH: Line up Hot Wheels® cars and let 'em rip for near-misses or total wipeouts at four intersecting crash zones with 16 feet of track that includes hairpin turns, motorized Boosters, and a giant crash zone! HOT WHEELS SUPER 6-LANE RACEWAY (V1983): There's a long, open stretch of highway just waiting to be raced! This 6-Lane set includes 8 feet of multi-lane racing complete with lights and sounds, 6 Hot Wheels cars and easy, fold-and-go storage. Not for use with some Hot Wheels vehicles. HOT WHEELS REVUPS REVOLUTION STUNT PARK (V2172): - Defy gravity like never before with the biggest Rev Ups set ever created! - You decide where the vehicle goes! - Wind through the 360-degree loop and into the swinging track arm! - Connect with other Rev Ups tracks for even more fun! - Includes Rev Ups Stunt track and one Rev Ups vehicle! HOT WHEELS CUSTOM MOTORS 4 VEHICLES IN 1: - Wind-up rotor! - Easy-snap customisation! - 4 vehicles in 1 - Mix & Match mega fun! HOT WHEELS STUNT 'N DUNK COLOR SHIFTERS ACTION PLAY SET: Test your accuracy by launching your Hot Wheels Colour Shifters vehicles through the ring of fire with the Hot Wheels Colour Shifters Stunt 'N Dunk action set. Warm and icy cold dunk tanks add to the fun by transforming your cars with the coolest colour changes. HOT WHEELS REV UPS SKYHIGH SPEEDWAY: Rev up with Hot Wheels Rev Ups Skyhigh Speedway play set. It's the ultimate environment for your Rev Ups vehicles. The Skyhigh Speedway includes a vertical climb, upside-down Hot Wheels loop, and zip line to really show off the stunts that make Rev Ups vehicles so cool! Includes 1 x Hot Wheels Rev Ups vehicle. Not for use with some Hot Wheels vehicles. HOT WHEELS WALL TRACKS STARTER SET: Race down your wall! - With 3M Command brand strips for damage-free hanging! - Easy-hang template included! - Connects with other Wall Tracks sets, too! - Includes one vehicle! Additional vehicles not included. - Not for use with some Hot Wheels vehicles and sets. - DO NOT use with wallpaper. May not adhere well to vinyl surfaces. - MEGA FUN!!! HOT WHEELS BUBBLE-MATIC CAR WASH COLOR SHIFTERS (V0627): Good clean fun - and tons of bubbles - are waiting at the Color Shifters Bubble-Matic™ car wash! You've dunked them, you've sprayed them and now you can give your Color Shifters cars some of the craziest color changes yet with an awesome motorized bubble fan! HOT WHEELS CUSTOM MOTORS FULL FORCE DELUXE ATTACK PACK (V1639): Open up a world of customization with the Hot Wheels Custom Motors Full Force Deluxe Attack Pack Vehicle. Go from land to extreme battle mode or from submarine to attack helicopter -- and everything in between -- with four different vehicles in one. This set features real working rotor blades, firing projectiles and much more. It also includes a pull-back motor, easy-snap assembly with an interchangeable building system and more than 35 pieces to create hundreds of unique combinations! HOT WHEELS CUSTOMER MOTORS HUMVEE POWER SET (R1238): Go from regular car to race car to monster machine! This assortment empowers kids to build and race their very own customized Hot Wheels. Each 1:50 scale vehicle has realistic details and comes with 2 sets of wheels and lots of cool accessories! The unique interchangeable, modular system features easy, snap-in parts. Keep your collection and the custom possibilities growing! HOT WHEELS COLOR SHIFTERS SWITCH & SPRAY: Give your Colour Shifters ride a brand new look! Lets you customize cars just like in a real-life paint shop! Fill the two tanks with warm and icy cold water, then use the knob to mix the two and create the perfect water temperature for an awesome colour transformation. - Real rotating platform. - A spray brush to "detail" your Colour Shifters vehicle. - Use all your Colour Shifters cars with this set! - Switch between warm & icy tanks! - Includes 1 vehicle (Other vehicles Not included). - Not for use with some Hot Wheels vehicles. Such an awesome collection of hot wheels sets!


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Hot Wheels die cast Cars - Mad Propz Air Plane, Cool-One, Fish'd & Chip'd Cars Toy Review
Hi Hot Wheels fans and YouTubers today I will be showing the Hot Wheels Racing Mad Propz airplane, the Hot Wheels Code car COOL ONE and Fish'd & Chip'd car from the Hot Wheels Fleet series (by Mattel Toys)! Make-a-face Mater Cars 2 toy review! http://youtu.be/1p7ipQLAOzA MAD PROPZ AIR PLANE: Mad Propz (or Madd Propz) is a Hot Wheels casting designed by Steve Moran based on an airplane. It was first to be named the Air Hammer as seen in the above picture on the wing, but was changed before the production process. Mad Propz debuted in the 2004 Hot Wheels line as part of the First Editions. Cool-One (2004): The newer design of the Cool-One model vehicle featured in this video was first implemented in 2004 (Debut Series: 2004 First Editions). Mark Jones is responsible for the incredibly awesome design of this beast of a vehicle! Check out those Exhaust!!! KA-POW!!! FISH'D & CHIP'D: The story of Fish'd & Chip'd (Debut Series: 2003 First Editions) started when designer Fraser Campbell wanted to do a Jaguar model for the Hot Wheels lineup. However, there was no license to do a replica of the existing Jaguar of choice. Graphics designer Wayne Scott mentioned customizing the Jag by chopping the roof line and lowering it (Fish & Chip as the English term). The gears started turning, pen hit the paper and the sleek Fish'd & Chip'd was born. On the passenger seat, there is an order of fish and chips molded into the interior piece. This model is loosely based on the 1963 Jaguar Mark X, which was never actually produced in a two-door version. --- Hot Wheels are die-cast model vehicles manufactured by Mattel and were introduced in 1967. Originally the cars and trucks were manufactured to approximately 1:64 scale and designed to be used on associated Hot Wheels track sets. By 1972, however, a series of 1:43 scale "Gran Toros" made by Mebetoys in Milan, Italy, were introduced. More recently, a range of highly detailed adult collector vehicles, including replicas of NASCAR and Formula One cars, have found success. Despite the forays into larger scales, the brand remains most famous for the small scale free-rolling models of custom hot rods and muscle cars it has produced since the range first appeared. Roughly 10,000 or more different models of Hot Wheel Cars have been produced over the years. Hot Wheel Vehicles are authorized by the car makers General Motors, Ford Motor Company, and Chrysler Motors. Other car makers like Ferrari, Mazda, and Toyota have licensed Hot Wheels to make a scale model of their cars. To make a Hot Wheels version of a current-model car, Mattel looks at design blueprints of the full-sized car. An example of this is the Chrysler 300 Hot Wheel car. First, the Hot Wheel Team and Mattel went to Chrysler to look at the design of the 300 and an actual car. Chrysler licensed the blueprints to Mattel and the Hot Wheel Team for the purpose of producing the model car. Chrysler then required Mattel to return the blueprints after the Hot Wheel team was finished studying them. At Mattel's Hot Wheel design center, the blueprint's design measurements and dimensions were scaled down to conform to a model car that is 1/64 the size of a real car. Then a mock-up of the car was produced in plastic and evaluated. After this process, the mock-up became a die cast metal mock up, which was evaluated again. After these processes were complete, the final version of the car was then manufactured. For older scale models, the 1968 Chevy Nova for example, the model maker uses blueprints from General Motors and also studies car brochures of that model year. Larry Wood, the head of the Hot Wheels division (now retired), had been with the Mattel/Hot Wheels team since 1969. He originally worked for General Motors as a designer. The Hot Wheels product line has also included various tracks, accessories, and other kinds of vehicles such as "Sizzlers" rechargeable electric cars, "Hot Line" trains, "R-R-Rumblers" motorcycles, "Hot Birds" airplanes and the comical half-human/half-machine "Farbs". Hot Wheels Racing Mad Propz Air Plane HW Code Cool-One HW Fleet Fish'd & Chip'd Cars Toy Review! by FluffyJetProductions (Fluffy Jet Productions)

Grave Digger 30th Anniversary Monster Truck Hot Wheels Monster Jam Stunts Jumps Toy Review
Check out some stunt jumps and take a close look at the super awesome Grave Digger 30th Anniversary Hot Wheels Monster Jam release! Grave Digger (often referred to as simply Digger) is the name of a team currently racing in the Feld Entertainment Monster Jam series. There are nine Grave Diggers being driven by different drivers to allow them to make appearances at more events, but their flagship driver is creator Dennis Anderson. Grave Digger is considered to be one of the most influential and iconic monster trucks of all time. Monster Truck Backflip Jump Epic Fail: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_lQ6_BeTww Grave Digger was originally conceived in 1981 by Dennis Anderson as a mud bogger. This first truck was a red 1952 Ford pickup truck. Later on a silver and blue 1951 Ford Panel Truck was his new mud truck that would become the first Grave Digger monster truck . The truck received its name when Anderson, amicably trash talking with his fellow racers, said the now famous line, "I'll take this old junk and dig you a grave with it", a reference to the age of his old pickup in comparison to their relatively modern trucks. Anderson gained a reputation for an all-or-nothing driving style and quickly became popular at local events. At one show, a scheduled monster truck failed to show up and Anderson, who already had large tractor tires on the truck, offered to crush cars in the absence of the full-size monster. The promoter accepted and Grave Digger was an instant success as a car crusher and led Anderson to leave mud bogging and pursue monster trucks instead. In 1986 Grave Digger underwent a transformation to complete monster truck and first received its famous black graveyard paint scheme. In 1987 and 1988 Anderson drove the truck primarily at TNT Motorsports races and became a crowd favorite for driving hard despite lacking major funding that more well known teams, like Bigfoot, had. In 1987, Anderson beat Bigfoot in St. Paul, MN on a show taped for ESPN. It was the first major victory for Grave Digger. Anderson moved to Grave Digger 2 in 1989, with a new 1950 Chevy panel van body. It was during this time that the reputation for wild passes was developed, and the popularity of the truck increased. TNT recognised his rising popularity and began promoting Grave Digger heavily, especially for races on the Tuff Trax syndicated television series. This was helped by Bigfoot not racing for points in the 1989 championship, leaving Grave Digger as the most popular truck on the tour. When TNT became a part of the USHRA in 1991, Anderson began running on the USHRA tour and debuted his first four-link truck, Grave Digger 3. Throughout the 1990s, the popularity of the truck grew and forced Anderson to hire other drivers to run other Grave Digger trucks. Grave Diggers 4, 5 and 8 were built to suit this purpose, and were never driven in any major capacity by Anderson. Anderson drove Grave Digger 7, a direct successor to 3, for most of the decade. It was replaced by Grave Digger 12, well known as the "long wheelbase Digger", which was also the first Grave Digger with purple in the paintjob. In late 1998, Anderson sold the Grave Digger team to Clear Channel Motor Sports (now Feld Entertainment Motor Sports). Anderson continues to drive and still is the most visible member of the team. However, the Grave Digger shop in Poplar Branch, NC now also houses the other trucks which Feld Entertainment owns. GRAVE DIGGER ACHIEVEMENTS: 1999 Monster Jam Points Champion (Dennis Anderson) 2000 Monster Jam World Freestyle Champion (Dennis Anderson) 2002 Monster Jam Points Champion (Dennis Anderson) 2003 Monster Jam Points Champion (Gary Porter) 2004 Monster Jam Points Champion (Randy Brown) 2004 Monster Jam World Racing Champion (Dennis Anderson) 2006 Monster Jam World Racing Champion (Dennis Anderson) 2010 Monster Jam World Racing Champion (Dennis Anderson) 2012 U.S Freestyle Racing Champion (Randy Brown) Gary Porter also won the WMTRL Championship in 2004 driving Grave Digger #12. Many Grave Digger team drivers have won world championships in other trucks. Regular Grave Digger driver Pablo Huffaker won the 2007 Monster Jam Freestyle Championship driving Captain's Curse, and son of Dennis Anderson, Adam Anderson won the freestyle championship in 2008 driving Taz, and Grave Digger driver Charlie Pauken won the 2010 Monster Jam World Finals Freestyle Championship driving Monster Mutt. The reputation Grave Digger gained shot the truck to super stardom in the 1980s and continues to draw fans today. The immense popularity of Grave Digger has made it the poster child for Monster Jam, and in some cases monster trucks in general. There is much debate over whether Grave Digger has taken over the title of "Most Popular Monster Truck" from Bigfoot. As a result, the Grave Digger vs. Bigfoot rivalry is one of the strongest in the sport, despite the fact the trucks only race each other a few times each year.

LEGO City Police Motorcycle Toy Review Showcase - Lego Set 7235 with Policeman Minifigure
This is a really groovy Lego Police motorcycle set which comes with a cop/policeman minifigure! It is a great addition to any Lego City collection! :) 7235 Police Motorcycle is a City set released in 2005. It contains a Police motorcycle with lights and an antenna and a police officer. This set was included in the Product Collections sets 66255 City Super Pack and 66116 City Emergency Service Vehicles and 66305 City Superpack. Some early releases of this set had a black radio, not a grey one. Three versions of this set were released. One had black stickers, and the other had blue stickers, one had a choice of green and black stickers.This set was in Europe in July 2011 for free, if you spend € 55.-- or more in a LEGO store. The perfect piece for creating your ultimate Lego police chase showdown animation!! Highly recommended for it's simplicity and playtime versatility.


Exclusive Boneshaker, Hot Wheels Test Facility 20-pack
Many of these models seem destined for multi-packs only. Are there any that will cause you to break down and buy the set? One of these models has never been in the Hot Wheels basics. Three of these cars are 2012 Super Treasure Hunts. My viewers let me know that I forgot that the Maverick was a 2012 Super. A former AcceleRacer gets the X-Racer treatment. A 2005 New Model makes an appearance after being re-colored only once then disappears for five years, until now! A few corrections. At 1:44 I mentioned that two of the cars received Super Treasure Hunt treatment. I forgot that the Maverick Grabber also was a Super TH. I misspoke 2:05 when I called it a Challenger. Thankfully though, I put the correct name when it was on the turntable 7:19 . 2:50 Blastous actually was used in a 5-Pack in 2007. 5:30 Golden Arrow is not a pirate. There are not three rrr's in Arrrow. 6:37 Aston Martin is Martin with an i, not Marton with an Oh another mistake.


Hot Wheels Mega Loop Mayhem Product Demonstration
Here is the Mega track set for the 2012 Holidays! If you just want to see the action, skip to 7:15. The put-together (14:37) is at the end of the video. Priced at under $50 at most USA toy stores.

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Power Tower Product Review
Under $50 at major US toy stores, requires two D batteries, 48" X 21" http://racegrooves.com/wall-tracks-power-tower 0:16 Box information and introduction 2:29 Safely removing Command Strips 4:02 Box contents 6:08 Attaching brackets/poster 7:05 Power Tower put-together 9:53 Racers and Power Tower action!

Hot Wheels Dragon Destroyer Product Demonstration
This playset appeared late 2012 and is about $20 USD. Kids will love the toy dragon and it can be played with separately. For the young ones who like to sit in one spot and play, this is a set to consider. It is rated for ages four and up but I think that snapping the dragon into position may be difficult for a 4-year old. You don't want to lose the section of the track, the one that is attached to the dragon's mouth. The whole track action goes over that piece. The elevator uses a typical system that other playsets use and it often gets stuck or doesn't go up smoothly. The video links shown at the end are: Hot Wheels T-Rex Takedown http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFJFVUO04yY Multi-Purpose Hot Wheels: Fast Cash with hidden monetary currencies on the base http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkTnN6SJZ38

Hot Wheels Double Dare Snare Product Review - Team Hot Wheels
You know how you go to compete your brother or friend and he always starts before you say go! Well, not in this set! If he starts too soon, his car will be ejected from the track! Check it out!

Trick Tracks Rockin' Rampage
I demo the Rockin' Rampage and hook it up to Wall Tracks too!

RGRC Rally Championship! Featuring, Ken Block Ford Fiesta
17 Wall Track stunts! Over 6 feet tall! Which rally car will take the Race Grooves Rally Championship? The models in this video are as follows: '12 Ford Fiesta (Ken Block) Peugeot 206 Lancia Stratos Ford Escort Rally Subaru Impreza Citroën C4 Rally Mini Cooper S Challenge I did a couple shout-out follow-up videos with this track layout. Shout-Outs RGRC Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kv8cdlE-Ml4 Shout-Outs RGRC Part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgffzTVkkws In the future, I will have more RGRC-themed layouts and shout-out opportunities.

2014 Hot Wheels D CASE worldwide unboxing video w/sony actioncam feat LAMBORGHINI SESTO ELEMENTO
*****BUY YOUR CASES AT BEST COSTUME & TOY DEALS: http://www.bestcostumedeal.com/Hot-Wheels_c_34.html -----find more info at: http://www.t-hunted.blogspot.com 2014 HOT WHEELS..."D" Case WORLDWIDE RELEASE!!! case number: C4982 - 993D DN IS NOW HERE!!! feat. new models: LAMBORGHINI SESTO ELEMENTO FAST 4WD 1974 BRAZILIAN DODGE CHARGER THANKS FOR WATCHING! check my QUICKIE CAR REVIEWS playlist: http://goo.gl/SXTaUA check my CASE UNBOXING vids playlist: http://goo.gl/omtCS4 SUBSCRIBE HERE: http://youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=mushedroom

Team Hot Wheels Spiral Spinout Product Review
In the Fall of 2011, Target got these exclusive track sets. Let's give them a Spin!

New BOOSTED Wall Tracks Mid-Air Madness
Pardon me, but since this track set is unique in that it is the first time that the Wall Tracks system as a Booster on it, I decided to give a nice long review! Lots of track time!

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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Anthony Pannone, Turbos: ATP GTX35R Tires: Conti DWS 215/45/18

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MazdaGaragePat, Engine: MZR 2261 cc, Turbos: Garrett GT3076 T3 divided 1.06 Tires: 235/40 R18 Federal 595 RS-R

2006 Mazda 6 mazdaspeed6: 12.550 @ 109.000
charles, Engine: 2.3l, Turbos: gt3076 Tires: Bf goodridge kdw 235/35/18

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p057, Engine: stock, Turbos: gt3071 Tires: hankook ventus v12s 225/40/18

2006 Mazda 6 speed6: 12.624 @ 107.800
charles, Engine: 2.3 turbo, Turbos: gt3076 Tires: NITTO NEO GENS

2006 Mazda 6 Mazdaspeed 6: 12.655 @ 111.360
Anthony Pannone, Engine: stock, Turbos: GT3076R

2006 Mazda 6 Mazdaspeed6: 12.655 @ 111.750
Andrew Helm, Engine: stock block, Turbos: GT3071r Tires: Nitto NT555

2006 Mazda 6 mazdaspeed6: 12.850 @ 105.850
Michael, Engine: 2.3 disi turbo, Turbos: stock Tires: stock

2007 Mazda 6 Mazdaspeed6 GT: 12.896 @ 104.740
2nr, Turbos: stock

2006 Mazda 6 Mazdaspeed 6: 12.907 @ 106.750
superskaterxes, Engine: 2.3l MZR DISI, Turbos: k04

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Shawn C, Engine: 2.3 DISI, Turbos: Stock

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jcgemt2003, Engine: 2.3, Turbos: stock

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