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Nanko Street Drift

Street Drifting in Japan


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Drift Crash Compilation Sugo
A wet track at Sugo for D1 2006 made qualifying and practice very hard on bumpers. More footage appears on a DVD called HPI v10, available from www.otomoto.com.au

Midnight Street Drift - Crash !

Tokyo Street Drift
My friend and I drove down to a shipping area in Shinagawa and noticed a lot of tiremarks on the road. It was awesome cause people set up with chairs sometimes and watch in the middle of the road. All the drifters cover their plates, and it's pretty sweet to watch.

OneLoveDrifting — March 29, 2010 — A Night at a Undergroung drifting location.. Thanks to are drifters: Angelo,Jose,Cody,Chandler and Elmer and also thanks to Ramses(skater) and Hobaugh(shuffler) Shot by Julio and Hector with an IPOD Nano =D Edited by Julio

Street Drift At Nanko
Street Drift At Nanko filmed by me.

Osaka Touge Drifting
Osaka Touge Drifting

Busy Street Drifting - Japan
Daikoku Futo. - Japan 2011

street drifting www.tailgate.jp ドリフト 峠
street drifting 峠 ドリフト 日本

Japan Street Drifting - Tokyo
Drift ulicami Tokyo :)

Osaka Touge Drift HQ
Drifting in the hills of Japan.

Wangan C1 and Street Drift at Daikokufuto 大黒ふ頭
I realize that the one guy drifting stopped to avoid oncomming traffic after I said he sucks. Driving around the Wangan and C1 loop which might be familiar if you have played "Tokyo Extreme Racer" Headed to Daikokufuto in Yokohama and watched some amateur street drifting. Watch how they just try to drift between the traffic. Although they are in front of a Police Box the Cops didn't do anything till later when a patrol car showed up and everyone left to a new spot. Music by DJ Krush.

The Big Drift Movie
Old but gold!

All Day Drift Session (Streets of LA)
Get your SoCal t-shirt! http://www.smashnetwork.tv/#!shop/c1han Drift session HIT that HD 1080 and don't forget to subscribe Brought to you by SoCalsidewayz http://www.facebook.com/SoCalsideways

Street Drifting Japan Mix
Street Drifting in Japan before D1 and other major events. This is underground drifting at it's best. Footage provided by Bryan Norris.

-check out my other drifting videos too. Street Drifting in 04'. made this video few years ago, but found the original so i did a little caption editing to make it more interesting. bear with the beginning though, i hard to see whats going on unless u've seen alot of drifting. better footage halfway thru. Stock KA24E with intake/header/Exhaust and several suspension mods. (Music: Notorious MSG- Straight out of Canton)

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