Legendary Race - Carina vs Ibiza

Toyota Carina E vs Seat Ibiza 5th gear both cars, flooring it until the end... (one of the first "races" I had)

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Toyota carina E
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Toyota Carina E 1.8l 1997 (In Depth Tour, Start Up)
Carina E was introduced in the spring of 1992. E-letter was to convey the message that the model was designed in Europe and manufactured in the UK since late 1992. Carina E was greater than preceding models, and offered now, high end interiors compared to its competitors. Toyota's design was exceptionally sleek. Engine options were the 1.6 / 115 hp, 2.0 / 133 hp, 2.0 GTi/158 hp and 2.0 hp D/73. In early 1993, went on sale in touring model with the 1.6-liter version of the lean-burn engine (107 hp). Carina E's strengths was again cheerful motors and reliability. A major problem was poor steering response. Also impact safety was below the average. Realized the shortcomings of the model and the reform of the spring of 1996 runnability was improved significantly and the bodywork was confirmed. At the same time scarce outfitting improved, and the upholstery was replaced. External changes in the mask, and new rear lights. Engine output was calculated at the same time reduce emissions. A new feature became available in 1.8-liter lean-burn engine, which was very economical.

Тюнинг фар Toyota Carina E. SPORTCAR. Ростов-на-Дону
Тюнинг фар Toyota Carina E от студии SPORTCAR из Ростова-на-Дону. Эксклюзивный тюнинг оптики. Передних и задних фар и фонарей. Установка биксеноновых линз. Установка светодиодных поворотников. Дизайн оптики.

sprint 60-190 km/h Toyota Carina E
1996 Toyota Carina e 1,6 KAT, engine: 4 cyls. 1600cc petrol, 4afe 115 KM / BHP at 6000rpm, kerb weight: 1190kg / 2623 lbs present milage: 175 000 KM / 109 000 miles gearbox - 5 speed manual sprint 0-62 mph: 11,0 s