Legendary Race - Carina vs Ibiza

Toyota Carina E vs Seat Ibiza 5th gear both cars, flooring it until the end... (one of the first "races" I had)

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Colin McRae 2 - Kenya with cheats!
10 - 4 - 2002, Playing kenya with cheats on. (cheats = powerBooster in the place of handbrake.) you can see when this effect is active by the constant flames from the exaust. Audio/commentaries are in greek.

Toyota Carina 3S-GE 4wd Full Time MT

TopGear March 1993, Carina E cut
Special for www.carina-e.ru and all Toyota Carina E fans

Drifting Record
This is my cousin playing Need for Speed : Carbon one summer day... If you dont know this track, then you dont deserve to drift in nfs! Compare with your score, this is the best record I have ever seen yet!