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Bottrop Kustom Kulture 2010

4./5. Juni 2010, Internationales Hot Rod Treffen, Flugplatz Schwarze Heide, Bottrop 1/8 Mile Race, Hot Rods, Customs, Choppers, Art Kleiner Zusammenschnitt aus unzähligen Video- und Fotodateien. Kamera: Nikon D90 Objektiv: Sigma 18 - 250mm


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Bottrop kustom kulture 2009
Bottrop kustom kulture 2009

Kustom Kulture 2010 in Bottrop - CUSTOMBIKE [HD]
http://www.rockandroad.de/studios http://www.custombike.de/ Impressionen von der Kustom Kulture 2010 in Bottrop (4.-5. Juni 2010)

This is a video that covers a small part of the 2014 West Coast Kustoms 33rd annual show. The video features music from Dave Gonzales, The Palladins, Miss Mary Ann and The Ragtime Wranglers. Penny Pichette has kept this show going strong for 33 years with the best cruise night since the old days when you could cruise the main drag and everyone was driving a hot rod or custom car. Now the city of Santa Maria closes down Broadway for a few miles and all show participants can cruise along the main drag with townspeople and show attendees lined up along the way. It's the best way to show the cars - moving down the road. Saturday and Sunday the show in the fairgrounds takes place with vendors and great bands. Don't miss next year - the 2015 Cruisin Nationals will be even better.

Rat Rod vs Lamborghini Aventador! Roadkill Episode 5
On this episode of Roadkill, HOT ROD's David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan spend 24 crazy hours with a 1930 Model A Rat Rod and a 2012 Lamborghini Aventador to find out which wildly impractical, larger-than-life car attracts the most attention. Roadkill appears every fourth Friday on the new Motor Trend channel. http://www.youtube.com/motortrend Subscribe now to make sure you're in on all the action! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=motortrend Facebook - http://facebook.com/motortrendmag & http://facebook.com/hotrodmag Twitter - http://twitter.com/motortrend Google+ - https://plus.google.com/101867967859016552744/posts Website - http://www.motortrend.com & http://www.hotrod.com

Fiwa Rules---Oldie Hot Rod Treffen Flugplatz 06
Finsterwalde HotRod Oldtimertreffen

Stahl auf der Heide - Panzermuseum Munster - 01.09.2013 - Teil 1/2
Eindrücke der drei dynamischen Vorführungen der zweiten "Stahl auf der Heide" Veranstaltung beim Tag der offenen Tür des Panzermuseums in Munster am 01.09.2013. Video 1 von 2. Folgende Fahrzeuge wurden in den entsprechenden Veranstaltungen präsentiert: Vorführung 1: „Augen auf und Panzer vor -- die Kampfpanzer und die Panzeraufklärer der Bundeswehr" KPz M 48 A2 GA 2 KPz Leopard 1 A 5 SpPz Luchs A2 SPz Kurz __________ Vorführung 2: „Dran, drauf, drüber -- die Panzergrenadiertruppe" Marder 1 A3 SPz BMP 1 Marder 1 A5 __________ Vorführung 3: "Panzergeschichte in Bewegung -- Fahrzeuge des Zweiten Weltkrieges" StuG 40 (auch bekannt als StuG III) PzKwg III PzKwg IV NSU-Kettenkrad


Kustom Kulture Festival 2013 Zeche Ewald, Herten, Germany
BETTER VERSION IS HERE!!! http://youtu.be/_Y2DPKFmWKQ Kustom Kulture Forever Festival 2013 (sorry for the quality of the video.. i made a mistake with rendering it.. )

Gasoline Kustom Car & Bike Show 2013
My day at the Gasoline Kustom Car & Bike Show 2013! Almost 30min of old american cars,rat cars,custom bikes,trucks,pickups,tuning cars and more! Enjoy! I tried to film most of the cars,bikes,trucks and even custom bicycles. This show was held in Seinäjoki, Finland 4.5.2013

Kustom Kulture 2010 Cars and Culture
powered by pixel-garage.com

Bottrop kustom kulture 2011
bottrop kustom kulture 2011

Dickies presents: Bottrop Kustom Kulture 2011 - The Shortfilm
Produced by Pixeleye Interactive for Dickies, http://www.dickies.eu Filmed & edited by Dirk Behlau, Edited on two flights from Frankfurt - Helsinki and Helsinki - Copenhagen in June 2011, Soundtrack by The Vibromatics "Vibrosound" https://www.facebook.com/THEVIBROMATICS http://www.bottropkustomkulture.com http://www.pixeleye.de Since 2003 every year the Airport "Schwarze Heide" in Bottrop turns into one of the biggest Kustom Kulture Shows in Europe. Car Clubs & Lone Wolfs from all over Europe come to show their Hot Rods, Kustom Cars and Cool Motorbikes! We have around 250 pre 1965 hot rods and kustom cars and 100 bad ass bikes. And they don´t only show them standing around! They will be racing their machines in 2011, too on the vintage 1/8 mile race on the airport. The Kustom Kulture Show in Bottrop is not only famous for the Hot Rods, Kustom Cars and bikes - it´s famous because of the really large group of over 30 Kustom Kulture artist from all over the world. Dont miss it, its the only one in Europe where all this shit comes together - and we have the best party peoples around!

Kustom Kulture Forever 2014
Kustom Kulture Forever 2014 (Herten, Germany) www.kustom-kulture-forever.com www.florisvelthuis.com www.florisvelthuis.blogspot.com

Hot Rod with V12 BMW Engine 6. American Bike & Car Festival 28.August 2011 Germany HD-Video 3-4
Hot Rod with V12 BMW Engine Karolilau 1930 Model A Coupe "All Sreel" - Engine (300 PS), Sunroof 4HP24 ZF Transmission : 1989 BMW 750i V12 - 4 inch chop, 6 inch channel, 4 inch dropped Super Bell Axle - Rear End 2003 Ford Explocher 3:73 ratio 9 inch Posi traction - Dashboerd : 1948 Buik Special - Compushift transmission Controller Tip-Tronic - Home bulit stuff : - Stainless Steel - Lakes Hearders, Dual Chevy Jeep HEI distributors - 85 Liters Stainlees Fuel Tank - Built by : Roger Stegall, U.S. Army Europe Ronneburg Germany 5000Euro for all Parts

Hot Rod Bottrop 2010
Kustom Kulture and Hot Rod. Bottrop, Germany 2010.

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