Rat Rods (Hank C. Burnette-Bear cat)

some random Rat Rods and Hot Rods with some lol things at the end

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Hank C. Burnette - "Hot Wheels Boogie"
My humble tribute to the era of REAL cars, burning rubber and roaring V8's!! Backing was cut way back in the late '70s and lead guitar was added more than 10 years later on a borrowed custom made Ibanez Artist guitar. Love Muscle Cars (can't you tell?!). Blast off-- P.S. PLEASE remember to click on the HQ button on the lower right side of the YT screen to get a HIGH QUALITY STEREO sound, which is absolutely necessary to do this track justice, thanks!! D.S. Original Composition by Sven-Åke Högberg (alias Hank C. Burnette). Copyright 1988 - All Rights Reserved.

Rat Rod Central
This year's World of Wheels at McCormick Place in late January had a great rat rod display, but the video had to wait until I found the right music. And it doesn't get much better than Mickey Gilley "Drive-In Movie" and Eddie Cochran "Somethin' Else". And to the guy behind me talking to his friend while I was shooting: They DIDN'T forget to paint them! And that's the main attitude that people who own or like rat rods have to put up with.

Rock Pile Rat Rod
39 chevy pickup full air ride 350/350, 342 posi manual rack and pinion steering power brakes chopped 5-6 Was originaly my grandfathers truck.

Hank C. Burnette - "Bluesin' Down Country Lane"
This is a track I recorded just after I had purchased my new 62-track mixing board and 24-track reel-to-reel machine! I did it just to check out all the parameters on hand, plus quite a few electronic gizmos I obtained at the same time! And without goin’ full blast into a smokin HM axe lunacy, I decided to do a quite laidback COUNTRY tune, with a bit of blues twist to it, showing off a handful of different guitars throughout the verses involved. Turned out to be quite nice, I must say, even though you might not recognise my usual ’speed-o-matic’ manners?! But, what the heck, even I like some decent and ’calmed down’ music every now and then, so...enjoy and grab your partner for a nice little stroll around the living room floor...