honda crv vs. ford mustang at winterport dragway

honda crv vs. ford Mustang at winterport dragway

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Honda CRV Crash Test - Fifth Gear
Jonny is visiting the Euro NCAP where he will witness the Honda CRV being crashed head on. For more fantastic car reviews, shoot-outs and all your favourite Fifth Gear moments, subscribe to our Official Channel -

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Drag-Racing Khabarovsk Kalinka 2008 stage 1

turbo 1998 honda crv launch
i just launched in my turbo crv it has a swaped built b18 running of wastegate pressure only 251 hp and 210 lb ft of torque at the wheels. i got on the brakes right at 120 mph.

Decarbonise Honda CRV
Decarbonise engine using ProfessoR (xpress decarbonizer) from Oilyman Technology. Some people call this carbon cleaner. We are using "solvent based" NOT the "oil based" decarbonizer. These are videos for Oilyman Technology product. Further info please visit Oilyman Technology Shah Alam, MALAYSIA Website: Email: