First Drive LS1 RX7

LS1 RX7 with cam, heads open header

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1991 rx-7 ls1 swap
ls1 swap into my 1991 mazda rx-7 with video

NOROTOR RX7 - Nitrous LS1 FD
First off - this car is STUNNING. We stumbled across this beautiful example of an RX-7 at the All Out Call Out event down in New Mexico this season and couldn’t keep our cameras pointed away! An LS swap, a little bit of spray, a beautiful pearl white paint coat and an FD RX-7 chassis...what more could you ask for!? Check out this feature as we follow this FD as it battles the 11.5 competition class and makes some test hits at AOCO!

My Ls1 V8 Powered Rx7 buildup video Chronicles the year-long build of my Chevy LS1 powered Mazda Rx7. For more about the car, visit my site at

LS1 240sx VS LS1 RX7
Left: LS1 s14 240sx - Stock LS1 swap, headers, Exhaust, tune Right: LS1 FD RX7 - H/C LS1 swap, headers, Exhaust, tune Chase car 1: 2013 Mustang GT - Bassani Axle Backs Chase car 2: 2005 Mustang GT - Kooks LT, Offroad X, Magnaflow Magnapack, Diablosport Tuner