Audi A4 1.8T vs. Subaru B9 Tribeca 3.0

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Брод вдоль озера Воробьево (Subaru Tribeca B9)
Резина стандартная, GoodYear Eagle LS2 стерта до ограничителей. Двигался на 2 передаче в ручном режиме, кондиционер выключил. Подождал когда выключится основной вентилятор.

Subaru Tribeca B9 в песке
Tribeca B9 в песке

Subaru AWD vs. Everyone Else
This video was a recap for Subaru Sales Associates and affiliates that participated in a driving event pitting Subaru against its core competition. These tests were repeated thousands of times, with the the Sales Associates experiencing each event for themselves. This was NOT meant for public consumption and is therefore not a propaganda video. This video was a review for those people who experienced this driving event themselves. All vehicles were stock, had stability and traction control enabled if equipped, and were operated using the manufacturer's recommended tire pressures. While this video depicts individual instances,these tests were performed thousands of timeswith thousands of participants over a period of two months. The intended audience of this video experienced first hand the documented results.

snow tribeca1
tribeca snow