Philly Street Racing 2006 The Original

We used to go to the street races a lot. Here is some of the best I've gotten on camera. Includes illegal racing, tire smoke, crash, big crowds... muscle cars, imports... even a dirtbike racing a car

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North Philly Race Crew
Philly 1-12-14

New Years Day 2013 philly racing
new years day 2013 in philly bunch of streetcars from all over the tristate getting it in

Philly Street Racing fox news undercover 2005-2006
never seen it uploaded on here. 84th blocked. C-dogg brings it to you, i'm on the vid racing some dude and i win of course, ( the black integra in the preview and right on line on H ) quality shit from 2005 or 2006 came off vcr table. comments welcome!

Philly Street Racing with Skater Josh Kalis - Banshee vs Civic (High Quality)
TRT: 03:36 - Edited Video Location: Philadelphia Description: Pro Skater Josh Kalis & Ryan Gee takes us behind the scenes of underground street racing in Philly. A Honda CRX gets ready to battle a modified alcohol Banshee. At the beginning of the race, the Honda's Nitrous backfires at the start and the engine catches on fire. Footage owned by Dustin Worles Facebook: Twitter:!/dustinworles MISCHIEF MOVIE SERIES Website: Facebook: Store: Gallery: