ISIS MBSE Exhaust - Nissan S13 NA KA24DE

The ISIS MBSE on a stock KA24DE with a test pipe

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ISIS dual 3" straight pipe "blast pipe" catback with 3" tips on my s13 KA24DE
When I was shopping for a new catback I couldn't find a video of a 240 running this Exhaust with a stock KA, stock manifold, and stock cat. I took a chance, bought this catback, and made a video that would have been helpful to me. I'm very happy with it. I forgot to mention in the video that on the highway around 3k it is surprisingly quiet just cruising which is a big deal to me. Use good speakers or a good set of headphones to hear it best. It's pretty deep. Sorry for the terrible quality but the sound is pretty good. I bought the catback from Enjuku Racing. Yes that is a CF hatch and no those are not Kouki tails. Here's a video I snapped one my way home the other day. It was dark and raining, but you get the picture. Need headphones or good speakers....and it's just an HD camera phone. Daytime video of 2nd gear punch....

s13 HKS Hi-power exhaust
my 92 s13 coupe with HKS Exhaust.... duh?

s13 240sx fast N/A sounds mad going through gears
s13 240sx ka24de full straight pipe. sounds crazy!! NOT catback. no fart cannon. no cat. no resonator. this is how it sounds. 3 inch all the way through. on our way home from work and slammed the pedal to the floor by a nice random muscle. enjoy!

ISR GT Single Vs Ebay Exhaust on 95 s14 ka24de
I'm comparing this ISR GT Single against the Ebay Spec-D N1. The Note and Tone of these Exhaust are very different. Tried filming from 2 cameras. I could of made it shorter but If you're looking for a Exhaust to buy and one of these might be the one then I'm sure you'd like to hear it at a lot of different rpm and loads. The spec-d is very used and burnt out gives you something to think about cause its less then half the price. Be sure to check out my other video's thank you.