Chipeadora Jinma

Como funciona la chipeadora Jinma

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Jinma 3PT Chipper Driveshaft Mods
Driveshaft mods made to a Jinma/FarmPro 3pt chipper.

Awesome Woodchipper
Demonstration of the Red Roo 1260 Woodchipper. The Red Roo 1260 Woodchipper being used for Bushfire safety property clearing.

Jinma 3PT Chipper With Delta Hook System
This is my daughter doing a walk-a-round video which shows an 8 inch stovepipe downspout that was attached for directing the chips into a small wagon. This also shows my 3PT Delta Hook System attached to the Jinma/FarmPro chipper.

Jinma Woodchipper Review
This is a review of the Jinma JM6 woodchipper. I bought it from