SS Ford Laser Stage 3 Cam startup and idle

1.6l fully worked LOL PLEASE rate 5 stars and comment :D

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Project "88 LZR"
A 1988 Ford Laser KE that I was modifying and never got around to doing what I really wanted to do with it. I have recently bought a 2003 VY Commodore in place of the Laser. The laser is now just sitting in my backyard slowly rotting away.

1989 Ford Laser
Carefully selected pictures of 1989 Ford Laser. As far as I can, I have compiled the internal and external pictures of 1989 Ford Laser for you in this video. You can also find modified 1989 Ford Laser pictures in this video. The aim of this channel is to bring together as many car models as possible and create a permanent archive. You can support us by liking our videos and subscribing to our channel. As you can imagine there are too many videos waiting on queue to create an archive like this, because of this we have to sacrifice little bit of quality to handle creating this much videos in an effective time period. But you can still find videos mid and high quality, sorry for any inconvenience. 1989 Ford Laser Pictures


Start and run on adaptronic ecu