RACE! 73 Donk Vert on 28" Forgiatos VS. 68 Impala Vert on 22" Asantis - 1080p HD

Another video of those 2! A lil racing action here... Quick race to have a lil fun. The 1973 Chevrolet Caprice Donk Convertible on 28" Forgiatos vs. the 1968 Chevrolet Impala Convertible on 22" Asantis. Donk has a the 572 BBC beast under the hood and the 68 Imp has a 496 BBC beast! Both are serious runners. Watch to see who won the race... Haha

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Sh*t Talking! Donk Master Vs. Charlotte, NC Guys - 1080p HD
While we were in Charlotte, NC for Ultimate Audio's car show, after the show some guys from Charlotte, NC area wanted to race my homie Donk Master and my other homie Chad (AKA Lazy Boy Customs). So they were shit talking with each other about racing! It was funny for the most part haha, and even tho they were shit talking each other, everyone was cool people. They wanted to race Donk Master's Z06 Donk with a G-Body Monte Carlo SS in an 1/8 mile race, but Donk Master wanted a 1/4 mile race. Then they said they wanted to race on foot, and racing all kind of cars lol. The guys from North Carolina said they gonna bring some ACTION for us to race at our car show on August 15th @ Darlington Dragway, so we shall see! Gonna be a good!!

ULTIMATE AUDIO: BLACK 1976 Camaro on 22"/24" Forgiatos, 24x15" REAR Wheels - 1080p HD
Ultimate Audio: 803-359-0007.1220 West Main St, Lexington, SC 29207 http://www.ultimateaudiosc.com/ Here goes a video of a NICE all black 1976 Chevrolet Camaro sitting right on some 22"/24" Forgiato Quinto Wheels. The Camaro has some 24x15" Forgiato wheels on the rear! With 11" LIP! Massive wheel on the back. And has the suspension properly done to hold the huge wheels. Ultimate Audio has done the suspension on it to get it right, by shortening the rear axle, and adding coilover suspension. And they've done the interior and trunk with some fresh leather and custom panels in it! The Camaro has also been painted with a FRESH black paint job done by Phaze 3 Kustoms from Florence, SC. Check it out.

Z06 Donk @ FL Classic 2014, NEW Turbo'd LS Motor, BURNOUTS @ 50 MPH - HD
VIMEO: https://vimeo.com/114819025 https://vimeo.com/114819025 https://vimeo.com/114819025 I wanted to upload this video first! My homie Donk Master in his 1971 Caprice Donk Convertible on 28" Forgiatos, aka Z06 Donk. Had his donk in Orlando for Florida Classic 2014, looking to race another donk. Now, he changed his whole motor and turbo! A new LS motor, and a bigger turbo.. Pushing over 1000HP. And first debuting it in Florida. Had the Nitrous purge going at the beginning of the video to let everyone know he's ready to race! He even brought some drag wheels to put on the back just in case he found someone seriously ready to race. Later, he did a couple runs in a parking lot just to see how it does! Can hear that turbo whistling the whole time! And then we went on the highway... He was cruising, and then decided to slow down to around 50 mph, and let the motor take off! Can hear it whistling, and burning the tires! Doing a rolling burnout on 28's, on the highway. He didn't find anyone to race him down in Orlando lol, apparently we have to go to MIAMI to get a race. So we'll see later if that happens! Hopefully it will happen.

Turbo'd Z06 Donk on 28" Wheels, 1/8th Mile Drag Strip Pass @ Pageland Dragway - 1080p HD
Here goes ANOTHER pass on a dragstrip from my homie Donk Master! In his 1971 Caprice Convertible "Z06 Donk" on 28" Forgiatos... This time, he was at Jefferson Pageland Dragway in Pageland, SC for their car show on May 17th, 2015. He did a pass on the drag strip after the show was over... And it was a good pass! On 28" Forgiato Wheels. Looking good for the 1/8th mile. He still saying he's the fastest big body car on RIMS! Check it out.