Ricer Gets Owned

I play a prank on my ricer Friend Raul

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To make it clear i daily drive a 98 honda crv .. and on the weekends i drive a lsv eg hatch done right fully built all motor... Jus tired of ricers like this givin all hondas a bad rep... Give credit where credit is due... In this case credit is not due... Right before i started filming this kid about crashed his sweet lude into my daily crv...

Motorcycle Trolls Slow Rice Burner Honda Civic Who Thinks His Car Is Fast
Just lane splitting like normal when this cool guy speeds passed me overtaking me on my bike. Then I make him an offer.

10 BIG Ricer And Showoff Fails!
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Mom Drives Brutally Loud Straight Piped STI
**FILMED ON LOCATION IN MEXICO**loll My mom driving my stage 2 straight piped STI down the street. She is fully aware of the title of the video and thinks it's funny, but I decided it to change it anyway because you guys consider it offensive. Wasn't too fond of how this sounded myself, but it was pretty crazy just how loud it was. Don't h8, appreci8, brah brah