Supra vs. GT drag race raw

Supra vs. GT on the drag strip at Royal Purple Raceway during filming of The Forum Wars Season 2.

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1000HP Supra VS 1000HP Ford GT
The Forum Wars Episode 2 (full) - Supra vs. Ford GT Subscribe!

The Shocking Oil Film Strength Test Using Royal Purple’s Synfilm
In this informative video, follow along as Royal Purple measures oil film strength with a bearing test using Royal Purple’s Synfilm ( We compare our Synfilm (with an ISO 68) to a competitor’s lubricant (with an ISO 220) to test the strength of our oil film. In this video we show you up close how each bearing test is affected by different factors, including adding more weights to the test and adding water to the sump. At the end of each test you can see for yourself the marks that are left at different stages of the bearing test. The proprietary additive technology in Royal Purple synthetic oil provides oil film strength and thickness regardless of viscosity. Royal Purple products have an ionic bond which cuts down on friction when it comes to any metal on metal and creates a widespread oil film. You can use Royal Purple products to repair damage, but when you use them from the very beginning it keeps your equipment running like new. When it’s put to the test, Royal Purple’s film strength proves to be 2-3 times better than the average full synthetic oil. Royal Purple synthetic motor oil not only has a high film strength, it also rapidly separates from water, saves energy, has synthetic solvency and a longer oil life, provides excellent corrosion protection, is compatible with other oils and is environmentally responsible. As you’ll see in the video, the Royal Purple advantage is its uncompromised lubrication performance. Learn more about Royal Purple on our social media channels: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Google+:

700 HP Mk4 JDM Toyota Supra | Friendly Rivalries
Marcus goes for a drive in a JDM mk4 Supra turbo from Japan, and surprise surprise, he loves it. Alex has built this car to be the ultimate in usable performance while still being able to compete with some of the best. With 600 WHP (700 at the crank), it's an exciting car to drive at any speed, racing or not. SUBSCRIBE for new videos every Tuesday and Thursday! New videos, photos, articles, driving routes, and more at Follow us! [FACEBOOK] [INSTAGRAM] RoadsUntraveled [TWITTER] Listen to the Roads Untraveled podcast every Monday on iTunes, ShoutEngine, and Stitcher!

Turbo Supra From hell !!
turbo Supra From hell !!