GP 355 First Start after Rebuild

Rebuilt Chevy 350, first run to seat the rings. +0.030, Ported L98 Heads, Hurricane SP Intake, Holley 750, Solid 292 cam, 10:1 compression, Hooker Headers, Flat Top pistons, balanced and blueprinted.

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Stock gen1 350, 292 cam, 14 PSI, 6.50 @ 105.65 mph
Jake`s Drag Strip, Moulton, Alabama

Sound test Chevy 355 vortec 60104 lunati voodoo cam foged flat tops summit exhaust
1973 Chevy chevelle SS 355 vortec forged flat top Pistons lunati voodoo 60104 cam hooker headers summit street and strip chambered Exhaust hooker headers not tuned all the way but it's fairly close

292 Ford Y block stand run
Not rebuilt just gone through and resealed and just replaced what needed to be replaced. Bearings looked great, holds great oil pressure. Stock everything other than the headers. Its the original motor to my 60' F1. It ran fine but pulled it because it sat for a long time and the motor was full of sludge.

Luke's 350 small block chevy rebuild - Sold!!
Luke's 350 small block chevy rebuild - Sold