GP 355 First Start after Rebuild

Rebuilt Chevy 350, first run to seat the rings. +0.030, Ported L98 Heads, Hurricane SP Intake, Holley 750, Solid 292 cam, 10:1 compression, Hooker Headers, Flat Top pistons, balanced and blueprinted.

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SBC 355 open header .525 solid lift 294 duration
check out 3:30 thru 3:45

307 Lift rule cam and 68 K20
1968 307 .040 , decked approx 55-56cc 081 heads, perf rpm intake, edel carb. msd ready to run dist, howards .420 lift rule cam. 280adv dur. 229@.050 106lsa, .015 steel shim head gaskets. approx 10:1 compression. 1 5/8 headers, vs739r valve springs, anti pumpup delphi lifters, 1/8 turn preload, moroso 8mm wires, ultra 40 coil wire i had laying around, e coil, blah blah This approx 6th or 7th start. Cam break-in with amsoil break in oil. Now running 10-30 VR1. Sorry for shitty video quality and filming lol.

355 s10 open header starts idles & revs
The truck has much more work remaining but here is current progress, august 2011. cam specs:duration intake: 292 Exhaust 302. lift intake 488 Exhaust 510.

1982 chevy truck with 292 cam
1882 chevy truck with a 292 cam in a 305 engine,now the truck has a 400 s.b. headers,racing flows.b&m trans shift kit and parts 4.11 posi, new 50,s tires, 11 inch wide rims, lower a-arms,lower rear, bed linner and cowl hood.will post it soon.