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Tuning a Evo X MR at AWD Motorsports in Florida

We travel to South Florida for a day of Dynoing a couple of Evo X's at our friends AWD Motorsports. The X MR comes out really nice and we take it out on the road for some fun padel shifting with the SSR trans


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San Antonio Texas tuning Trip # 2
Our second visit to San Antonio finds some faster cars and no street racing this time. Lots of work tuning and fixing problems and lots of test driving.

Suman's Revenge Part 4 - 723 whp on pump and meth
We install a stock intake and TB on our favorite customer Suman's car and make 723 whp on pump gas. Dyno and tuning footage inside.

Proof is in the Pudding
We compelte two fast street Evos for edelievery to the customers and before we send them away we take a short ride on the street to show how they are running. Anyone can create a fast drag car to run down the track. The "art" in tuning is to set up a car running 700 whp on pump gas with 4 clyinders that runs and starts as well as stock with execelent street manners and smooth driveability. AND that holds together and is reliable. These two cars exemplify the art of standalone ecu tuning at its highest form, Dyno Flash style.

Tuning and Driving the 1st BR350 Evo X MR
I love the SST auto shifting trans - what an amazing car the Evo X is and with Buschur's touch its a real winner!

Tuning some Evo X's and a Bentley GT
A fun day at ICS

Turbo Lover
We try and tune a way over powered Evo IX with so much power it breaks loose all 4 tires on a roll. Buschur Powered 2.3L with FS35R turbo - Hydra EMS and Aquamist - enjoy the ride!

Evo X MR tuned at AMS
Just a short video of my baby being tuned...

Driving lessons for a 520 whp STI
The owner of this lovely '07 STI runs a slow time at the track - comes back to test his car on the Dyno and we give him some driving lessons. Later he goes out and beats up on Derek's EVo so the STI student graduated with flying colors.

Tuning a 2010 Evo 10, Suman's Evo Rides Again and 650 whp Dyno or No Dyno !
An action packed Saturday at Dyno Flash. Thanks to all my customers for your business and loyal support over the years. In this episode we tune an almost brand new 2010 Evo 10, I finally diagnosed the problem with Suman's 700 whp Evo IX and finally we play Dyno or no Dyno on a Gt37 powered Evo 8 that finishes off its Quartermaster clutch at 657 whp

Tuning a tarmac preped Evo X Rally Car
This group N rally car took a long time to tune with its tiny turbo inlet restriction, but it came out with a great power band and finished its race with no problems.

Evo X Training Video
Service training video for the evo x

Tuning an Evo X
We take a test drive in the Dyno Flash Evo - tune a Evo X and then confront a beligerant store clerk

6 Peoples Reactions to the CRAZY 900hp 3Dx Evo
We had a blast giving people rides in the Evo, even had a guest driver when we gave Miss Thai Thai a ride after her photo shoot! See what people thought about the car, caught a lot of people off guard. TEXAS STREETS & TX2K13 Release now and shipping! http://www.1320video.com

A trip to Street Tuned Motorsports
A viist to my friends at STM (Street Tuned Motorsports) in Rockchester, NY to tune a really nice 05 Sti with built motor and Dominator 3 turbo. We play Dyno or No Dyno, making a very respectable 400 TQ and 400 whp on pump gas. The car was tuned with AEM.

Evo X
A great Evo X MR with Cosworth Engine built by Dyno Flash, a trip to the Bronx and race prep

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