Tuning a Evo X MR at AWD Motorsports in Florida

We travel to South Florida for a day of Dynoing a couple of Evo X's at our friends AWD Motorsports. The X MR comes out really nice and we take it out on the road for some fun padel shifting with the SSR trans

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Evo X
A great Evo X MR with Cosworth Engine built by Dyno Flash, a trip to the Bronx and race prep

Tuning and Driving the 1st BR350 Evo X MR
I love the SST auto shifting trans - what an amazing car the Evo X is and with Buschur's touch its a real winner!

COBB Tuning - Dyno 353 WHP / 381 WTQ - 2011 Evolution X MR - COBB Tuning Plano
353 WHP / 381 WTQ 2011 Mitsubishi Evolution X MR tuned at COBB Tuning's facilities in Plano, TX. ProTuned using the COBB AccessPort on E85. http://www.cobbtuningplano.com Primary Power Modifications: COBB AccessPORT COBB Downpipe CNT Catback Exhaust Injen Intake AGP FMIC Injen UICP ID 1000cc Injectors Walbro255lph FP COBB 3 port EBCS E85 Click below to see this Dyno graph on our Dyno Database: http://accessecu.com/Dyno/index.php?gb=0&hp=1&torque= 1&Boost=1&rpm=1&sl=1&sln=1&sat=0&cb=0&dgr=1&smm= 0&sg=1&runid1=3730&rgb1=000000255

Evo X Training Video
Service training video for the evo x