Honda S2000 at GTA NJMP Lightning

http://import2race Bryan Racing won 1st place at Global time attack Round 2 New Jersey Motorsports park.

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+800 HP Honda s2000' in Lamborghini Gallardo'ya Saplaması
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Huracan LP610 Vs Turbo Civic Si $5,000 bet Huracan LP610 Vs turbo Civic Si drag race at Island dragway New Jersey. It's a RaceWars & World Drag Racing Circuit event. Visit my Facebook page 2015 Honda Civic Si 4door Mod list: CP Pistons 10:1 Manley H beams PPG 1-4 RBC with k tuned bypass K-Tuned Exhaust PRL stage 2 with GTX3576R gen 2 DW EV14 1500cc injectors with Warlbro 450 fuel pump PRL Fuel Return

Drifting 1993 Nissan 240sx - Daijiro Yoshihara Now in his third year as part of the Falken Factory team, "Dai" is the drift veteran among his Falken colleagues with more than 11 years of drifting experience, having started in his native tokyo. Dai has chosen to compete this year in his Nissan Silvia, aka 240sx S13, which has become the drifting vehicle of choice, its popularity as strong as Dai himself, known in part for his driving style as well as his hairstyle. Dai finished in 4th place in 2010 placing first back to back in Atlanta and New Jersey.

400hp Infiniti Q50s vs Honda civic vs BMW 335i 400hp Infiniti Q50s vs Honda civic vs BMW 335i drag race at Racwaypark New Jersey, It's an Street Wars event. Visit my Facebook page