Izloo Bikers Fun Packed Video - Islamabad

Izloo Bikers gather once again to participate in a ATV music show called "Boom Live" shooting. Stunts performed by Anjum Minhas and Kashif Malik. This was one fun packed gathering.

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islamabad rally 23 march
23 march islamabad rally

welcome to Islamabad metrobus service get started 5 june 2015
The twin cities metrobus service on Friday attracted a large number of people including women, children and jobholders on the first day of its service. The service was started at around 7:30am today. The government employees who boarded the bus from different station seemed happy to have the new service. The bus completes its route from Rawalpindi Saddar to Islamabad secretariat within as many as 45 minutes. Besides private and government employees, number of families also showed up at the station on its first day. Long queues were seen at the ticket booth. The government has also taken care of security of the people at these stations.

Documentary on Rawalpindi Islamabad Metro Bus Project by PMLN
Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz gifted Metro Bus System to twin cities Rawalpindi & Islamabad. Why this project was necessary ? watch complete video. visit: www.videoforest.net

Izloo Bikers - Super Bikers from Islamabad
Izloo Bikers - a superbiker group of Islamabad, Pakistan is dedicated to promote superbiking in Pakistan. Our passion is to introduce this highly expensive yet thrilling sport into Pakistan. This video was shot 2 years ago in Islamabad. Be sure to leave some good comments on the video. Anjum minhas and other bikers of Islamabad arranged this video shoot out.