Chevy S10 305 Acceleration

v8s10 stock 305 1-3rd gear accel

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UPHILL 305 S10 Acceleration
Took the s10 out after sitting for two weeks. I'm still pleased with the performance for a 305..needs a valve adjustment and Exhaust gaskets and new cooling fans.

V8 Chevy S10 First drive! 305 Crane Cam 274H06
Still gotta install a new radiator but it runs and drives...finally!!! In a light vehicle like this S10. The Crane 274H06 Cam works great with a stock stall converter.. Had no issues idling in gear an

Chevrolet S10 High Country - Apresentação - BlogAuto
Vídeo de apresentação no Salão do Automóvel da picape Chevrolet S10 High Country Concept.

Chevy S10 Burnout
1 mile north of my house. This is a 305 Sm Blk V8 with 4-11 gears and a rebuilt racing transmission in it. Aluminum fuel cell, steel braided fuel line, slicks, flowmaster Exhaust. Engine is nearly completely stock.