Chevy S10 305 Acceleration

v8s10 stock 305 1-3rd gear accel

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Chevy 355 small block 7000 RPM Pulls in a S10
Just bowing the carbon off the valves. Just a super simple pump gas 10:3.1 compression SBC 355 My best guess is its about 450hp due to the low compression. Made 358 WHP and 310 FPT on a Dyno Dynamics Dyno Not much but its still fun to drive.

Chevy 305 Acceleration
Chevy 305 in a 76 Camaro. Goes from 40 to 90 mph, starting at 4500 rpm in first gear. Has a 8.1 CR. I let off the gas going into second or else it will slide into the ditch at 70 mph. It's not the fastest, but I love it anyway. Edit: Dynoed at 237.5 rwhp.

1991 v8 s-10 305 s-10 First trip out of the garage
this is a quick vid of my v-8 s-10 project finally out and driving under it's own power. It has a 1996 305 with a NV3500 5spd tranny. in the vid it has open Headmen header with a professional products crosswind intake.(knock off air gap) and a single metering block 750 Holley manual choke vacuum secondaries..

s10 305 burnout 2
beat s-10 with tired 305 that still gets it burning tire on the rocks when I was done the wires were showing but i didnt start with much tread