BMW 118d versus Porsche 911 part 1 of 2

We've got one previous trip under our belts, rent a standard BMW 118d and take it to the Nurburgring. It almost keeps up with a Porsche 911! OK the Porsche is maybe 20 years old, but we expected more from it and less from the BMW, which is probably the most economical car they make (the tank range is 800 kilometers).

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2008 BMW 118d & Mercedes ML320 CDI
A BMW 118d following a Mercedes Benz ML320 CDI on the German Autobahn. Although common in Germany, it still is one of the most mythical roads in the world, and it is one of the few roads that have such a large fan-group. Look here for more:

118d vs. 120d
German AB

2017 핸즈모터스포츠 118D 빗길 인제서킷 레이스 결승 효쿠미 김효겸 _ MSS,EZ드라이빙,인캠
2017년 핸즈 1전 인제서킷 차량트러블로 예선 6위 폭우로 인한 결승 2위 "모든걸 내려놓으니 하늘이 도와주는구나"

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