Mercedes CLS55 with MBH/Dyno-Comp Long Tube headers

Bone stock CLS55 gains 48whp and 40-45wtq on MBH Motorsports / Dyno-Comp Headers. For more info contact Dyno-Comp Check out Dyno-Comp's blog at

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CLS55 AMG - Pulley, Remap, Headers, Full Exhaust/Decat - 500bhp
Quick vid of my Mercedes CLS 55 AMG. Remap and Pulley fitted at MSL Performance, Eurocharged Manifolds/Headers, Custom front and mid section with x-pipe. Sounds Great, more videos and smaller pulley for 600+bhp to come!

CLS 55 AMG with custom RENNtech ECU tune on the dyno
CLS55 AMG with custom RENNtech ECU tune + modified SC pulley (-4mm), stock Exhaust with resonator delete on the Dyno. This vehicle put down an impressive 547hp (472whp) and 773Nm (570 lbf ft) on the rollers.

Mercedes CLS55 AMG V8 Supercharged - BURNOUTS & Accelerations!
Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe! - Facebook: - Instagram: ------------------------------------IN­­­FO BELOW------------------------------------ This time I have recorded a loud Mercedes CLS 55 AMG. I saw this CLS 55 AMG at Spring Event and in my city Rotterdam. The owner made some loud revs, accelerations, burnouts and one crazy donut. Listen to the lovely V8 sounds from this CLS 55 AMG. I hope you enjoyed the video, so please give a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe!

Mercedes CLS55 AMG Dyno Run stock
Mustang Dyno at Jawanda Motorsports. Stock Motor.