Mzada 6 V6 Acceleration 0-200 Km/h

Bad start!!because of the spinning tires.The gear was on D. I noticed that the automatic mode is faster than the manual/active-matic mode specially after 120km/h. The DSC was off otherwise it wont have this much torque. SONG NAME: Diction feat 112 - Birthday Suit

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Mazda 6 Ultra 3.7L V6 Acceleration
Acceleration of Mazda 6 Ultra V6 in Bahrain. Model 2010

2009 Mazda 6 2.5L Auto - 0-219 kph
Do not take this as a 0-100 run..the road was uneven and hilly and hence the timing would be inaccurate. The top speed of 225 kph could not be achieved due to this reason.

Mazda 6 V6 3.7 Acceleration

2009 3.7L Mazda 6 custom stainless exhaust system, Start, Rev and Launch with TC
2009 3.7 V6 Mazda 6 with custom 2.5" stainless Exhaust system. Start, Rev and Launch with TC. This Cat-Back Exhaust system will be available to order soon on If you have any questions, email me at or visit us on