Matt Keizer's CL65 AMG Bi-Turbo

My buddies 2006-7 Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG V-12,Twin turbo, [url][/url] Showroom listed as a 208MPH car!

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Matt Keizers CL65, take two
2006 Mercedes Benz CL65 Bi-turbo V12 712BHP 880ft,/lbs. Torque [Exstensive modifications i.e. Intercooler, ECM-European Flash file, Impeller upgrades, "sewer pipe" sized Exhaust.] :::205MPH Personaly Certified on the Autobahn ::: ONLY 52 OF THESE CARS IN THE U.S. the rest have fake decals slapped on them =)

MB Cl65 AMG Evotech vs Lamborghini Gallardo SE
Moscow unlim 500+

3000+ hp Twin Turbo CADILLAC vs 3000+ hp Twin Turbo CORVETTE
Scott Lowery in his Moran powered Twin turbo Cadillac vs Mark Woodruff in his Proline powered Twin turbo Corvette from the Throwdown in T-Town at Tulsa Raceway Park. Full event DVD available at

Mercedes CL 65 AMG in Monaco with Tiff Nedell
Tiff Nedell is my favorite car announcer, CL65 is one of my favorite cars, & Monaco is one of the favorite places I've ever been to! Enjoy