80s Camaro burnout racing Trans AM on 1/4 mile oval

80s Camaro burnout racing Trans AM on 1/4 mile oval

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Another Spectator Drag crash!
Here we go again, 2 daily drivers squaring off at the Kalamazoo Speedway. And the winner is.....neither. Silver Tauraus ends up wrecked AND DQ'd.

old school street race
Heres a clip of an old school street race with brian55lvr at the summer nats

Race Crashes, Tumbles 'n' Falls #1
Vid #1. Crashes & tumbles from: NASCAR, Supercross, Motocross, Drag Races, and other alternative sports from the '80s, '90s and one lone crash from '08. NO DEATHS! All drivers and riders within this video lived to race another day. No gore shown! Some notable racers are Bob Glidden, Don Gay Jr., Guy Cooper, Jeff Stanton, Jeff Ward, Ricky Johnson, Michael McDowell, Ricky Rudd, Geoff Bodine, Kyle Petty, Lake Speed, Bobby Allison, the late Dale Earnhardt, and the late Davey Allison. Bobby Allison's 1987 "Talladega 500" crash (at 212 miles-per-hour) into the tri-oval catch fencing brought restrictor plates in to realization on the 2.5-mile Superspeedways. The crash clip is not the best resolution, however, the crash illustrates why the restrictor plate is now used to slow the cars down. Enjoy all the whoops!!

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