80s Camaro burnout racing Trans AM on 1/4 mile oval

80s Camaro burnout racing Trans AM on 1/4 mile oval

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Seekonk Speedway Spectator Drag Crash Red WRX vs Fiero 8.05.12 3 rounds of racing
Three rounds of the red WRX racing at the seekonk speedway on 8.05.12 , In round 2 00:44 there was some contact between the WRX and the fiero. The trans am from round 3 was heavily damaged by a red miata later in the event http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lg99GlXF3_U&feature=plcp

80s Pontiac, Fiero, Firebird and Trans Am Commercial 1984
Cool retro commercial introducing the firebird and other pontiac vehicles. Transferred from VHS using EasyCap DC60 for Mac.

Cummins Terror Burnout
Gas mado to diesel! Light truck! cummins burnout , very powerfull cummins......TERROR!!!!!!!! 11.4 sec 1/4 mile.....here the air is dif....so if we take the truck to some place like arizona,california or even other states it does 10.8 in 1/4 mile......WITHOUT NOS!!!!

Chevrolet Camaro Z28 - 9.71 1/4 mile
2nd generation Camaro Z28 runs 9.71 quarter mile at 142mph