crash motorcycle UNDER car ...dead


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Horrible motorcycle accident caught on tape
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Rider running from the cops ends in a fatality crash

Motorcycle and Scooter crash/accident fail compilation part 1
Scooter and motorcycle accidents compilation. Will upload weekly. Please subscribe. Thank you. No one in these videos died. Scooter high side? Or just front tire locked up? Source: HD Scooter hit and run. Source: Another hit and run. Scooter and truck head on collision. They were hospitalized but expected full recovery. Sh*t his pants. ----- crash accident police crashes motorcycle scooter moped horrible HD injured highway no death hit and run bystander auto

Girl goes off cliff on a motorcycle
Note: the person in this video was released from the hospital and made a full recovery. Johnny Strange goes riding in the canyons to film, and ends up catching more intense footage than he hoped too when he stumbles upon a crashed motorcycle and ends up finding the rider. From Johnny Strange - Any real credit for helping her goes to the Firemen and Medics, I appreciate the nice comments but I was just in the right place at the right time and anyone else would have done the same thing. I want to thank the Firemen and medics for there everyday work! Strangeworld01 uploads a video a few times a month to raise awareness for certain causes by doing action sports, I thought this video would be cool to put up to show people all the effort the firemen & medics put in on an everyday basis. As for the music, I don't have an excuse, I just liked the song. I listen to different music from Rap to Classical to Country on different days depending on what I am doing. For more videos check out & subscribe to the channel, have a good day.