OBDII Code Reader and Advisors (Matco Tools Items MD60, MD70 and MD80)

Learn More Here: http://www.matcotools.com/catalog/product/MD60/CODE-ADVISOR/ http://www.matcotools.com/catalog/product/MD70/FIX-ADVISOR/ http://www.matcotools.com/catalog/product/MD80/FIX-ADVISOR-PRO/

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1/2" Composite Impact Wrench (Matco Tools Item MT1769A)
Powerful, 1,100 ft. lbs. of Breakaway Torque Learn More Here: http://www.matcotools.com/catalog/product/MT1769A/1-2-COMPOSITE-IMPACT-WREN CH/

Snap On tools cost serious money
just a video about Snap On tools, and their prices. they are good tools, but IDK, anymore I like to save money rather then spend money. I work hard for my tools. but some things are just out of line, come on, really does it cost Snap On 700+ to produce a good quality torx set for me, And really how much better are they? I break them all in time, doesn't matter.

DIY OBD-II CAN bus computer Dashboard mbed ARM Cortex-based for all cars (Progetto maturità)
A short video demonstration of the operation of this "Dashboard OBDII" created as an experimental project for my final exams. The microcontroller used is the NXP LPC1768 (mbed) and the firmware is written entirely in C. I have not made ​​it public to the wiring diagram, nor the source code, but if you are interested please contact me at my email address. Dario Gogliandolo Email: dariogogliandolo@gmail.com It 'may not be reproduced. All rights are reserved. No part of this video may be reproduced or distributed by any means without the written consent by Dario Gogliandolo. Breve video dimostrativo del funzionamento di questa "Dashboard OBDII" realizzata come progetto sperimentale per gli esami di maturità. Il microcontrollore utilizzato è l'NXP LPC1768 (mbed) e il firmware è interamente scritto in C. Non ho reso pubblico ne lo schema elettrico, ne il codice sorgente, ma se siete interessati potete contattarmi al mio indirizzo email. Dario Gogliandolo Email: dariogogliandolo@gmail.com E' vietata la riproduzione. Tutti i diritti sono riservati. Nessuna parte del presente video può essere riprodotta o diffusa con qualsiasi mezzo senza il consenso scritto da parte di Dario Gogliandolo.

Matco Tools' Advisor Line (Matco Items MD60, MD70, MD80, MD1072)
To learn more about these tools, follow the links: MD60: http://www.matcotools.com/catalog/product/MD60/CODE-ADVISOR/ MD70: http://www.matcotools.com/catalog/product/MD70/FIX-ADVISOR/ MD80: http://www.matcotools.com/catalog/product/MD80/FIX-ADVISOR-PRO/ MD1072: http://www.matcotools.com/Catalog/search.jsp?search=all&query=md1072