Amsoil Vs. Cerma Oil using timken ok load test

Here we have a test showing the protection offered by Amsoil 10w-30 synthetic and Cerma Industries Cerma 10w-30 Motor Oil with STM-3 add pack. As you will see we are very surprised with the protection Amsoil provided, Yet as you will realize Cerma surpasses Amsoil with over double the shear strength protection. For more information concerning Cerma products visit

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Engine Oil Additive that REALLY WORKS
We're always looking for great ways to help our customers at RVES; and we've sure found one this winter! We discovered a line of premium synthetic lubrication solutions that we are using in all of our own vehicles, and recommending to all of our valued customers. Check out the demo of how well our BestLine motor oil additive works next to all the other products you're used to using. It's just amazing. Jaw-dropping. Check us out at