Holden Gemini Turbo wrecking it again.

Holden Gemini turbo, vg30e@7psi holset hx35

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gemini v8 holden ls1 burnouts doughnuts
This is the first ever drive of a gemini we did a LS1 conversion on by ourselfs. Motor has a bigger cam in it and valve springs, engine has been retuned, Standard turbo 700 gearbox and locked diff. To all those haters that said it couldn`t be done this one is for you and we have more to come. Thanks to everyone else for their help through the project it has been much apreciated.

Holden Gemini skid burnout drift donuts
Stock Standard! Except for the lsd and wheels

LS1 Gemini.MOV
LS1 CHEV Engine in a 81 Gemini, my mate did this conversion in 4 months, so to all the HATERS out there..... its done, and runnin. Same car as in "Gemini ls1 burnouts"

V8 Gemini (gemin8or)